Chapter 54 – Disperse

"Kun Tu, he is not a human demon. Don't you think it's too much to keep shouting and killing?" Chen Wan frowned and couldn't help but speak up.


"He's just a beast slave. It's his own fault for being outspoken and seeking death." Kun Tu glared at Yuan Ming and said.


"Enough, don't waste time here. Let him lead the way, let's hurry up and find the Demon King. As long as we can kill it, we will have completed the mission beyond expectations. We might even have a chance to be promoted to the inner sect." The tall young man laughed.


"This passage has no forks, just keep going straight and you won't get lost." Yuan Ming immediately said.


The tall young man's smile faded, and he grinned, "If you don't lead the way, you're useless even if we kill you."


Yuan Ming had no choice but to agree.


He took the torch from someone's hand and walked at the front of the team, leading everyone back.


After walking for a while, when they were near the cave, everyone gradually smelled the bloody and foul smell in the air. They involuntarily became quiet.


This team, apart from Yuan Ming, had seventeen or eighteen people. They all seemed to be outstanding disciples and could be considered a large group. Although they were a bit arrogant, they were not stupid.


When they reached the entrance of the cave, they all unconsciously stopped and instructed Yuan Ming to go in first.


Helpless, Yuan Ming could only go in first.


Fortunately, the cave was empty, and the Demon King had not returned.


He held the torch and circled inside, looking at the corners that he couldn't see clearly before. He couldn't find the presence that had transmitted the message to him earlier, but he found that there were more rune marks on the ground of the blood pool, faintly surrounding the entire blood pool.


Yuan Ming was sure that these rune marks were not there when he buried the triangular iron earlier. Obviously, they were carved after he left.


"The Demon King is not here, there is no danger for now." Yuan Ming shouted outside.


After half an hour, someone finally entered the cave.


After that, everyone entered one after another. Seeing that there was no danger inside, their courage grew and they began to search around.


"Where is the Demon King? Did it escape?"


"Keep looking, are there any other caves?" The tall young man shouted, looking like a leader.


Kun Tu intentionally or unintentionally approached Yuan Ming.


Yuan Ming was on guard, his steps hesitant, always keeping a distance from him.


Just then, a scream suddenly came from the other side of the cave.


Before everyone could react, they saw a huge head rolling to their feet.


Immediately after, a bloody figure suddenly flew past in the dim cave.


The skinny tall man who had mocked Yuan Ming only had time to let out a short scream before his body was cut in half and flew up, splattering blood everywhere.


"The Demon King, it's the Demon King…" someone shouted.


Lights of various colors lit up in various parts of the cave. These named disciples all activated their protective magic tools and retreated to the other side.


Yuan Ming threw the torch towards Kun Tu and turned to hide in the darkness, taking advantage of his better understanding of the terrain to quickly conceal his figure.


Attracted by the torch, the figure of the Demon King flashed and pounced on Kun Tu.


"Yuan Ming!"


Kun Tu was burning with anger and quickly activated his mana. A green jade pendant hanging on his body emitted a soft light, enveloping him.


At the same time, he dodged to the side, avoiding the Demon King's frontal attack.


However, just as the two passed by each other, the Demon King suddenly swept his arm, his withered and hairy arm hit him solidly.


A green light flashed around Kun Tu, then "crack" sound, his body tumbled and flew out.


In just one encounter, several people were already injured or killed before they could even see the appearance of the Demon King. This made those originally high-spirited named disciples lose their composure.


"We can't stop it, our protective magic tools can't even block a single attack."


"It's too strong, it's too strong…"


While shouting in fear, everyone retreated backward and unintentionally crowded together.


"Fools, spread out, don't crowd together." The tall young man shouted angrily.


As soon as his voice fell, the Demon King had already rushed towards them.


"Everyone take your positions, quickly set up the Flame Fire Formation according to our previous plan." The tall young man shouted loudly.


At this moment, everyone finally stabilized their minds and quickly dispersed.


The tall young man clasped his hands together, holding a green talisman paper between his palms. The runes on it seemed to be written and painted, depicting a copper bell-shaped rune.


The green talisman paper ignited in his palms, emitting a wisp of green smoke. Then, translucent golden light radiated from it, condensing into a dazzling illusory bronze bell, enveloping his body.The young man took the initiative to step forward and stopped the Demon King, buying time for the others.


Encouraged by this, the rest of the people dispersed to the sides and surrounded the Demon King from both sides.


Among the crowd, Ba Da's figure was retreating, all the way back to the passage he came from, and he escaped without looking back.


The Demon King collided with the tall young man and raised his hand to slap him.




A heavy bell rang, and the young man's body was surrounded by golden light. The illusion of a golden bell shook but did not immediately shatter.


The tall young man inside the illusion groaned, blood flowing from his ears, instantly deafening him.


However, he saw through the reflection of the golden light that there was a huge hole in the Demon King's chest, piercing through it, indicating that it was seriously injured.


"Quick, it's heavily injured. Activate the formation and release the flames to burn it to death." The tall young man shouted loudly, blood staining his mouth.


After speaking, he immediately retreated outside the encirclement.


The people surrounding them finally took their positions. Eight of them each took out a triangular red flag from their pockets and infused their mana into it.


The red flags lit up, and a scorching aura spread from them.


In the next moment, the flames on the eight flags ignited simultaneously, turning into thick fire pythons rushing towards the Demon King.


The Demon King's body was engulfed in flames, immediately catching fire.


The blazing flames burned fiercely, heating up the entire cave. The stone walls, which had not seen daylight for a long time, cracked.


The screams of the Demon King echoed in the cave, making people's scalps tingle.


After about ten breaths, the spiritual power on the triangular flags was exhausted, and the flames of the fire formation gradually shrank until they disappeared.


The light in the cave quickly dimmed, and Yuan Ming frowned as he looked at the Demon King.


He saw the Demon King hunched over, arms crossed, with all his fur burnt, looking like a piece of charred coal. There were still sporadic sparks flickering on his body, emitting strands of smoke.


"Is it dead?" Yuan Ming was somewhat surprised.


"Haha, it's dead. We killed the Demon King." A thin young man exclaimed happily.


"It's not as powerful as we imagined…" Another person laughed, completely forgetting how scared he was before.


"This time, thanks to Senior Qingchuan. If it weren't for him buying us time, we wouldn't have been able to activate the fire formation." Finally, someone spoke fairly.


At this moment, everyone followed suit and praised the tall young man.


While wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, the tall young man waved his hand at the crowd, unwilling to take credit.


"This time, it was everyone working together, I…"


Before he could finish his words, a round head suddenly flew up, and a large amount of blood gushed out like a fountain, splashing on the faces of the surrounding disciples.


Feeling the warm touch of blood, the others hadn't reacted yet, but Chen Wan shouted loudly, "GOD DAMN! The Demon King is not dead. Everyone, run!"


After speaking, she took the lead and rushed into the passage.


Kun Tu, who had been knocked down earlier, quietly ignited a yellow talisman and disappeared into the ground.


The panic of the others was greatly amplified at this moment, and everyone rushed towards the entrance of the passage.


The torches were thrown on the ground, a figure flashed by, and the flames were extinguished. The entire cave fell back into darkness.


The sound of extremely miserable screams continued for a long time.




After a long time, the entire cave finally quieted down.


Yuan Ming remained hidden in place, covering his mouth with his hands, not daring to make a sound.


In the darkness, there suddenly came a rustling sound.


He forcibly stabilized his mind and focused his gaze, looking into the cave.


He saw that the already narrow cave was now in a mess, with broken limbs scattered all over the ground, and the walls and ceiling were covered in chaotic bloodstains.


The strong smell of blood completely overwhelmed the foul stench of decay.


The Demon King, blackened and covered in bloodstains, was dragging two broken bodies towards a pit.


Every step was accompanied by the sound of the bodies rubbing against the ground, constantly stimulating Yuan Ming's nerves.


In order to avoid another bout of dizziness and headache, Yuan Ming looked for a moment and closed his eyes, quietly recovering.


After a while, the sound of dragging bodies stopped.


Yuan Ming immediately focused his vision again, searching for the Demon King's whereabouts.


After looking around, he found that the Demon King was kneeling beside the pit, bowing his head and looking at something.


Then, he opened his mouth and spat out a black bead, which emitted a brilliant black light. Immediately, a strong suction force emerged from it.In an instant, layers of black mist rose from the corpse pit, and vague shadows of residual souls slowly flew out from it. Each of them wore a look of fear and struggle, clearly having been forcibly pulled out.


Regardless of how these shadows struggled, they were ultimately unable to resist the attraction of the black orb. They were all torn into fragments and gradually merged into the black orb.


The Human Ghost King opened his mouth and sucked the black orb back into his throat. A bright crimson light immediately lit up in his eyes, but then, the light receded, returning to its original state.


At this moment, the Human Ghost King suddenly made a move that somewhat surprised Yuan Ming.


He saw the king clutch his head with both hands, shaking violently, as if venting some kind of frustration.

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