Chapter 51 – A lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth

As soon as they saw Chen Wan, Kun Tu and the other two froze in place, their figures like sculptures.

Chen Wan was also stunned, caught off guard.

Seeing Chen Wan’s reaction of surprise rather than anger, Kun Tu’s expression changed and he pretended to be pleasantly surprised, calling out, “Junior Sister Chen Wan, we finally found you!”

“You’re looking for me?” Chen Wan took a step back instinctively as he approached, suspiciously asking.

As soon as she spoke, Yuan Ming also rushed out and quickly said, “Be careful, don’t get close.”

“You despicable beast slave, daring to secretly harm and plunder the disciples of my Bi Luo Cave, you are truly audacious. Do you know your crimes?” Kun Tu’s eyes burst with killing intent as soon as he saw Yuan Ming, immediately rebuking.

When he said these words, everyone, including Chen Wan, Yuan Ming, Ba Da, and Yang Chan, was stunned. It seemed that no one had expected Kun Tu to say such things.

Yang Chan immediately reacted and said, “Junior Sister Chen Wan, are you okay? Did that despicable slave harm you?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Wan frowned and a hint of doubt flashed in her eyes.

“Don’t believe their nonsense, don’t forget how you were poisoned,” Yuan Ming quickly reminded.

“Junior Sister Chen Wan, this scoundrel and another beast slave conspired to extract poison from the fierce beasts to plot against us. Fortunately, Junior Brother Ba Da discovered it, so we didn’t all get poisoned.” Kun Tu immediately said.

Yang Chan quickly added, “Yes, we killed the other beast slave, but this scoundrel took advantage of your unconsciousness and escaped. I sent the Fire Python to rescue you, but…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she looked at Ba Da, indicating that he should say something too.

“Junior Sister Chen Wan, after you were abducted, we never gave up and have been looking for you. Fortunately, you’re safe.” Ba Da reacted a bit slower but quickly nodded.

After these three people finished speaking, Chen Wan also became somewhat dazed.

When she woke up, she was already in the escape passage. Besides being pursued by the Fire Python, she didn’t see anything else. Now hearing them say this, she suddenly didn’t know who to believe.

“Junior Sister Chen Wan, don’t be fooled by this guy. How can a despicable beast slave like him speak the truth?” Kun Tu continued to persuade.

“Sister, come with us quickly. There are many people from the Yan Xiu Sect this time, and there is even a king among them. If we split up again, it’s inevitable that there will be heavy casualties. If it weren’t for finding you, we would have already rushed back to meet the others.” Ba Da quickly said.

Although he reacted the slowest, he knew best how to deceive.

His honest appearance and concerned expression once again deceived Chen Wan.

“What they said, is it true?” Chen Wan turned around and looked at Yuan Ming, asking coldly, but there was still a hint of hesitation in her eyes.

Yuan Ming sighed, knowing that the saying “a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth” had already made Chen Wan suspicious, and now she wouldn’t believe him anymore.

“Why waste time talking to this scoundrel? Kill him.” Kun Tu roared angrily.

After speaking, his figure suddenly flashed, taking a step towards Yuan Ming and raising his palm to strike at his head.

His palm swelled like an inflated balloon, covered in a layer of yellow light, resembling a rock. When it smashed down, it even carried a whistling sound.

Obviously, he was using a lethal strike, one that he believed was foolproof.

Yuan Ming had long been prepared for this and had already activated his Beast Transformation Technique, transforming into a white ape. He swung his fist and smashed it towards the yellow giant palm.

The collision of fist and palm resounded loudly, and a powerful pressure forced its way over.

Yuan Ming felt his arm tremble, and his joints made a cracking sound. His body involuntarily retreated several steps.

“You despicable slave, you dare to take my Splitting Stone Palm head-on. No wonder you dared to make a move against Junior Sister Chen Wan.” Kun Tu saw this and didn’t forget to pour more dirty water on Yuan Ming.

Yuan Ming stepped back several steps, stabilizing his body. The power on his arm gradually dissipated, but his knuckles felt a burst of pain, as if his bones had cracked.

“Such formidable strength, this person’s cultivation is probably not lower than the fifth level of Qi Refining!” Yuan Ming estimated in his heart.

While he was on guard, a red light suddenly lit up behind him. With a flash of sharpness, it swept towards Yuan Ming.

He dodged to the side just in time, only to find that Yang Chan’s figure had suddenly approached, holding a blood-red dagger in her hand and sweeping it towards him.

Seeing that the sweep missed, Yang Chan twisted her wrist and stabbed downward with the dagger, aiming for Yuan Ming’s chest.

Yuan Ming immediately crossed his hands to block, his large wrist propping up Yang Chan’s arm. With a powerful force, he pushed her back.

She stumbled backward, her chest trembling, but a smile appeared on her face.

Yuan Ming immediately sensed something was wrong. He suddenly saw a yellow light halo under his feet, and three sharp stone spikes rose up and stabbed towards him.

It was Ba Da who made a move not far away.

Because he timed his attack perfectly, Yuan Ming had no time to defend himself. His left foot was pierced by the suddenly rising stone spike, and as blood splattered, he involuntarily fell backwards.

How could Kun Tu let go of such a perfect opportunity? His eyes gleamed with excitement as he rushed forward, launching a surprise attack from behind Yuan Ming. In his hand, he held a blue spiral cone, stabbing towards Yuan Ming’s back.

“Be careful…” Chen Wan herself didn’t realize it, but she suddenly spoke up to remind him.

Yuan Ming watched as he was about to collide with the cone, at the moment of his demise, his shadow suddenly shifted to the side, as if trying to escape from his own body.

Then, a surprising scene unfolded.

As the shadow shifted to the side, Yuan Ming’s body also mysteriously moved sideways, just avoiding the cone’s attack. His arm brushed against the tip of the cone, causing a spray of blood.

His sudden change in footwork surprised everyone present.

“Shadowless Step?” Kun Tu exclaimed in surprise.

“How is this possible? A beast slave actually learned the Shadowless Step?” Yang Chan was also extremely surprised.

Ignoring them, Yuan Ming avoided their attacks and distanced himself from the three of them.

“Don’t you understand until now? They want to kill us to keep us quiet.” Yuan Ming looked at Chen Wan and shouted, feeling sorry for her and angry at the same time.Chen Wan looked hesitant, recalling how Yuan Ming had taken care of her along the way, she finally stood between the group.

“Brother Kun Tu, I think there’s something strange about this situation. Besides, it’s not the time to deal with it now. We should go back and meet up with the other brothers as soon as possible to discuss how to deal with the Human Demon King,” Chen Wan said quickly.

Upon hearing this, Kun Tu’s expression slightly changed. He looked at Yang Chan and Ba Da, and the three of them exchanged glances.

Yuan Ming immediately sensed something was wrong, and Chen Wan also noticed the strange atmosphere and became alert.

“Since Sister Chen Wan has said so, we won’t insist. But this beast slave is indeed not simple, sister, you must not be careless and fall into his trap,” Kun Tu put away his aggressive stance and reminded her.

“Brother, don’t worry, I have my own plan,” Chen Wan said, her expression slightly relaxed, and she nodded.

Just then, Yang Chan, who was standing by, suddenly moved.

Yuan Ming was about to warn Chen Wan to be careful when a commotion suddenly came from the entrance of the cave above. One after another, figures jumped down from above.

He saw that the five people who had jumped down were all wearing the attire of Bi Luo Cave disciples, but they all looked wilted and exhausted.

Seeing people falling down like dumplings, Kun Tu and the others were also stunned. At this time, Yang Chan had quietly come behind Chen Wan and had to hide the blood-red dagger behind her.

“Get ready, they’re coming!” Before Kun Tu and the others could ask, someone suddenly shouted.

As soon as the voice fell, one after another, twelve human demons fell from above like dumplings, two more than the Bi Luo Cave cultivators present.

Suddenly, the already cramped cave became even more crowded.

Without anyone shouting to start, the human demons and the disciples of Bi Luo Cave began to fight. Various spells flew around, light and shadow overflowed, and the sound of collisions echoed continuously, plunging the entire cave into chaos.

Seeing that the Human Demon King did not come back, Yuan Ming was overjoyed and quickly moved towards the cave entrance in the chaos.

“What are you waiting for, why don’t you leave quickly?” As he passed by Chen Wan, he couldn’t help but remind her.

However, after giving him a complex look, Chen Wan did not move, but instead ran towards the area where the Bi Luo Cave disciples were concentrated.

Seeing this, Yuan Ming was not disappointed, but he was a little lost.

“Suit yourself.”

He muttered to himself, turned around and jumped onto the cave wall, using his hands and feet to climb up towards the cave exit.

However, just as he was about to reach the entrance, his arm suddenly felt weak, as if it had lost all its strength. He failed to hook onto the protruding rock and fell down.

Yuan Ming’s body fell right onto a human demon.

The creature was as hard as iron, making him feel as if he had hit an anvil, and he fell down.

Seeing this, Kun Tu immediately rushed towards Yuan Ming. Even at this time, he did not forget his intention to kill Yuan Ming.

However, before he could get close, he was blocked by a human demon.

Yuan Ming quickly withdrew his fur technique and moved towards the corner while crouching low.

At this moment, he saw Ba Da curled up into a ball, hiding in a corner, his small eyes scanning back and forth, both alert and timid, just like a mouse.

Yuan Ming had just taken a few steps when the feeling of weakness and dizziness hit him again.

He quickly turned his head to look at his shoulder, only to see that the place where Kun Tu’s spike had scratched him was black and obviously poisoned.

Cursing inwardly, Yuan Ming gritted his teeth and ran towards the other passage.

As soon as he moved, a human demon knocked a Bi Luo Cave disciple to the ground and pounced at him.

Yuan Ming ducked, then used the Shadowless Step again. His shadow twisted strangely, and his body tilted at an angle beyond normal comprehension to dodge. He then slipped through the fighting pair.

He had just left the battle zone when his vision suddenly darkened, and he was sweating profusely, finding it hard to hold on.

“What a strong poison.”

Yuan Ming’s vision was blurred, and everything became somewhat unreal.

But at this moment, a slender and exquisite silver figure suddenly appeared in his overlapping vision. It was the silver cat that had appeared in front of him several times before.

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