Chapter 43 – A monster

“Yuan Ming, Wu Bao, step forward.” Elder Hu Huo didn’t waste any words and immediately shouted.

Wu Bao took the lead and stepped out with a proud expression.

Yuan Ming, on the other hand, frowned and took a step slower, showing a clear difference in attitude between the two.

The other beast slave servants sighed with envy at the sight, feeling quite jealous.

“Choose well and set off immediately.” Elder Hu Huo said.

“Thank you.” Chen Wan, the woman in the red dress, thanked with a fist.

The other three also bid farewell and set off towards the direction of the Hundred Thousand Mountains with Yuan Ming and Wu Bao.

“During this time, you must continue hunting. Once you encounter named disciples, if you are summoned, you must not resist. Those who violate the order… I believe you won’t violate it.” Elder Hu Huo said the last sentence and then dismissed everyone.

The named disciples walked ahead at a fast pace, while Yuan Ming and Wu Bao hurriedly followed, more like followers than guides.

However, when they crossed the canyon and officially entered the area where fierce beasts were active, the others stopped.

Chen Wan took out a piece of beast skin map from her pocket and spread it out on a rock. She called Yuan Ming and Wu Bao over and asked, “Have either of you been here before?”

Her slender, fair fingers pointed to a basin deep in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Wu Bao looked at it carefully for a moment, but his eyes showed confusion.

These beast slave servants always went wherever they wanted, at most remembering the way back. They couldn’t understand things like maps even if you showed it to them.

Yuan Ming, on the other hand, frowned and looked very carefully, showing a pensive expression.

“Do you understand?” Chen Wan asked.

Wu Bao looked hesitant and could only shake his head. But seeing Yuan Ming’s appearance, he couldn’t help but curse inwardly, “What’s he pretending for?”

“Junior Sister Chen Wan, I brought them along just to handle some tasks. You really expect them to be of any help?” Jin Kun smiled and shook his head, saying.

“We are currently at the entrance of the canyon, right here. The farthest I’ve been is the Purple Bamboo Forest, which is at least a two-day journey from the place you’re asking about.” Just as he finished speaking, Yuan Ming’s voice rang out.

Upon hearing this, Chen Wan, who had already given up hope, brightened up and continued, “The distance ahead is the Purple Bamboo Forest you mentioned. How long will it take to get there?”

“If we avoid most of the fierce beasts and try not to engage in battles, we can arrive in five days.” Yuan Ming said.

As he spoke, he looked up and his gaze shifted, only to see Ba Da, a disciple of the Refining Pavilion, with his lowered eyes seemingly falling on Chen Wan’s slender legs.

This guy doesn’t seem like an honest person either.

Although Yuan Ming despised him in his heart, he didn’t bother to expose him.

“If we ride spirit beasts, it won’t take five days.” Jin Kun spoke up.

After speaking, he patted the spirit beast pouch at his waist, and a green light flew out, landing not far away, revealing a two-zhang-long green giant wolf.

This wolf was muscular all over, with a faint reddish hue in its eyes. In the center of its forehead, there was a clump of white fur. Its mouth protruded, and two sharp and long teeth were exposed, making it both fierce and powerful.

“Junior Sister Chen Wan, my Green Wolf is a Grade One Upper Tier fierce beast. Not only is it extremely fast, but it also runs very comfortably. Why don’t you ride with me?” Jin Kun smiled and invited.

Upon hearing this, before Chen Wan could speak, Yang Chan, who was also from the same Beast Taming Hall as Jin Kun, immediately frowned, showing obvious dissatisfaction with Senior Brother Jin Kun’s gesture.

“Thank you, Senior Brother, but I don’t need it. I have my own spirit beast.” Chen Wan said calmly, refusing.

After speaking, she patted the spirit beast pouch at her waist, and a green light flew out, transforming into a two-zhang-long green-skinned rhinoceros.

Compared to Jin Kun’s Green Wolf, this green-skinned rhinoceros was smaller in size, but it had a layer of metal armor on its head and neck, and a saddle-like leather seat on its back, making it very comfortable to ride.

“It turns out Junior Sister’s spirit beast is so well-equipped. I was too presumptuous.” Jin Kun saw this and seemed completely unconcerned, but he apologized first.

Immediately after, Yang Chan also patted her spirit beast pouch and summoned a seven-zhang-long fire-red python. With a leap, she jumped onto the python and reclined on it.

The fire-red python immediately raised its body and caught her graceful figure.

Ba Da also immediately summoned his own spirit beast, a large black-haired wild boar. Its size and appearance were not as good as the previous three, but its two snow-white teeth, which were like long spears, indicated that it was not an ordinary fierce beast.

“Senior Brother Jin Kun, the two of us women can’t bring them along, so how about you and Junior Brother Ba Da each take one person?” Chen Wan looked at Yuan Ming and Wu Bao and said.

Jin Kun frowned upon hearing this, and Ba Da also looked up and glanced at them, showing resistance in their eyes.

“Junior Sister, they are just lowly beast slave servants. How can they ride my Senior Brother’s spirit beast?” Yang Chan, however, was particularly angry and immediately scolded.

“We need them to guide us. If we rely on spirit beasts to lead the way, our speed will be much slower, which is not worth it.” Chen Wan said calmly.

“The adults are right. We are not worthy of riding spirit beasts like these.” Wu Bao quickly spoke with a fearful expression, but seeing Yuan Ming’s appearance, he couldn’t help but curse inwardly, “What is he pretending for?”

“Junior Sister Chen Wan, they are just lowly beast slave servants who have used the Beast Slave Technique. Their running speed should not be much different from that of spirit beasts. There’s no need to worry too much.” Ba Da said.

Hearing this, Chen Wan had no choice but to give up and turned to look at Yuan Ming, asking, “Can you keep up?”

Yuan Ming didn’t want to delay here and nodded.

Although he was somewhat envious of the spirit beasts of these named disciples, what he cared more about was how to complete the mission and obtain as much blood food reward as possible.

“Alright then, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s set off immediately.” Chen Wan said.

As the guide, Yuan Ming immediately used the Beast Slave Technique and transformed into a white ape, leaping towards the depths of the mountains.

“I’ll stay behind to cover our retreat in case of any unexpected situations.” Jin Kun glanced at the others and said.

Chen Wan didn’t hesitate and immediately urged the green-skinned rhinoceros to catch up. Ba Da followed closely behind, and Yang Chan also quickly followed.

After the group ran out of sight, Jin Kun rode the Green Wolf and scanned Wu Bao with his gaze.

“This Yuan Ming doesn’t seem like a useless person. Can I recruit him?” Jin Kun spoke up.

Wu Bao’s heart trembled slightly upon hearing this and quickly said, “Master, this guy is very rebellious. He’s not someone who can be subordinate to others. I’ve tried to recruit him before, but not only did he refuse, he also killed quite a few of us.”

“Forget it, he’s just a lowly beast slave servant. If you want one, there are plenty of them. But this time, I’ll help you get rid of him. However, you’ll have to increase the monthly offerings from you all by ten percent.” Jin Kun frowned and said.

“Thank you, Master.” Wu Bao immediately said.

“I’m cultivating you, the Green Wolf Gang, and the Warhound Hall to do things for me, not to cause trouble for me. This kind of thing should not happen again. If it happens again in the future, your position and Jin Kun’s position will be given to someone else.” Jin Kun finished speaking and rode the Green Wolf, galloping away.

Wu Bao nodded repeatedly, his back already covered in cold sweat. He quickly used the Beast Slave Technique and transformed into a green-haired werewolf, chasing after him.

It was late autumn, at night.

A blazing bonfire was burning in the mountains, and Jin Kun and the others sat around the fire, eating freshly roasted meat.

The four spirit beasts were lying behind their owners, forming a special encirclement, protecting them in the center.

Yuan Ming and Wu Bao, the two beast slave servants, naturally didn’t have the qualifications to be with them and were arranged to be on the outer perimeter for guard duty.

The night wind blew, and Yuan Ming sat alone on an old tree, closing his eyes and meditating.

He was very familiar with this area. Originally, a green-scaled lizard lived here, but he killed it last month, so there wouldn’t be any other fierce beasts settling here in the short term.

Moreover, with the four spirit beasts guarding, they didn’t need him to scout.

Just then, Yuan Ming’s ears twitched, and he immediately opened his eyes and looked towards the dark forest. He then saw a figure quickly darting out of the bushes.

He immediately leaped down and chased after the figure.

However, before he could take a few steps, the figure in front suddenly stopped and turned to look at him.

Yuan Ming was startled and immediately stopped, facing off against the figure.

He saw that the creature was nearly eight feet tall, with a human-like body covered in fur, even on its face. It looked like an upright white-haired old ape.

But its eyes were blood-red, reflecting a bloodthirsty light in the dark night, making Yuan Ming’s back feel cold.

Just then, there was a commotion behind Yuan Ming.

“Oh no, we’re being ambushed.” Yuan Ming’s heart sank, realizing that the situation was not good.

“It’s over there.” Just then, a woman’s voice came.

Immediately after, several figures rushed out from behind and came to Yuan Ming’s side. It was Chen Wan and the others.

Yuan Ming breathed a sigh of relief and turned to look at the creature again, but found that it had disappeared from sight.

“Why are you here?” Chen Wan immediately asked when she saw Yuan Ming.

“I was on night watch outside and found a hairy humanoid monster, so I chased after it.” Yuan Ming honestly replied.

“Where is the monster?” Jin Kun, not afraid but rather excited, asked eagerly.

Yang Chan and Chen Wan also brightened up, their gazes focused on Yuan Ming, showing some surprise.

“It ran away. It was just in front, but when you guys chased after me, it disappeared.” Yuan Ming blinked and said.

“Where did it go?” Jin Kun immediately asked.

Yuan Ming didn’t pay attention to where the monster had gone in the end and casually pointed in a direction, saying, “It seemed to have gone that way.”

Without saying a word, Jin Kun immediately chased after it.

His spirit beast, the Green Wolf, leaped over everyone’s heads and chased after it in that direction.

Yang Chan also immediately followed.

“Don’t use the Beast Slave Technique and recklessly chase after a monster. Are you looking for death?” Chen Wan scolded Yuan Ming and also chased after them.

Ba Da, riding on a black-haired wild boar, sneered at Yuan Ming and followed behind.

“A monster? What is it?”

Yuan Ming ignored Chen Wan’s scolding and was only interested in the monster she mentioned.

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