Chapter 30 – Semi-magical artifact

Ba Yin saw that there was no hope of escape and became fierce, waving his claws to constantly clash with the spider legs of the human-faced ghost spider.

The human-faced ghost spider was obviously stronger than the single-horned wolf spider. Every time its two spider legs collided, they made a metallic sound, and the attack speed became faster and faster.

Ba Yin’s arms kept swinging, but he was ultimately no match for the human-faced ghost spider. In just a moment, his arms and body were cut with seven or eight bloody wounds.

The intense pain and flowing blood stimulated his ferocity. Ba Yin slapped away a spider leg and endured the other spider leg of the human-faced ghost spider piercing his right shoulder. He charged to the underside of the human-faced ghost spider’s abdomen.

With a wave of his long claw, he tore three deep gashes in the human-faced ghost spider’s belly.

The human-faced ghost spider suffered and shook the spider leg that pierced its chest, throwing Ba Yin far away.

Ba Yin rolled on the ground and hit a rock before stopping. But before he could get up, a “pu pu” sound came from the void. One after another, white spider webs sprayed out from the human-faced ghost spider’s abdomen, covering him underneath.


A burst of sound came, and white smoke suddenly rose from Ba Yin’s body. The places where his fur, flesh, and blood touched the spider webs were all corroded, leaving shocking blood marks.

Especially where there were wounds, the blood burned as if on fire when it touched the spider webs.

The extremely intense burning pain made Ba Yin roll on the ground, howling in pain and frantically tearing at the spider webs, but he couldn’t escape.

At this time, the human-faced ghost spider had caught up again.

Yuan Ming saw this scene and knew that the outcome was already decided. Ba Yin had no chance of winning.

He saw the human-faced ghost spider lift one spider leg high and suddenly stab down. Ba Yin’s screams stopped abruptly.

Just when Yuan Ming thought everything had ended, the spider leg that the human-faced ghost spider had stabbed down with lifted up stiffly.

Yuan Ming looked closely and saw that Ba Yin’s hand was holding onto that spider leg, slowly lifting it up and forcing it to rise.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt that Ba Yin’s arm seemed to have thickened by a circle compared to before.

Immediately after, there was a “boom.”

The human-faced ghost spider’s body was suddenly lifted and flipped over by that arm, and it fell to the ground with its eight legs up.

Ba Yin’s body stood up again, and Yuan Ming finally realized that it was not an illusion. His entire body had thickened by a circle, with exaggerated muscular lines all over his body.

It looked like large pieces of muscles were stacked together, indescribably strange and awkward.

Before the human-faced ghost spider could get up, Ba Yin rushed forward and directly rode on its belly, swinging his two thick and exaggerated arms to continuously strike the human-faced ghost spider’s body.

“Chi chi chi”

Even from far away, Yuan Ming could hear the sound of flesh being pierced.

The human-faced ghost spider cried out for the first time, its voice like a baby’s crying, both sharp and eerie.But at this moment, Ba Yin seemed to have gone mad. His arms did not stop for a moment as he mechanically poked the face spider in the abdomen, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere.

The eight legs of the face spider retracted, with the first two stabbing Ba Yin’s chest, the middle two stabbing his neck from left and right, and the remaining four stabbing his back at the same time.

This was obviously the face spider’s fatal blow.

But Ba Yin was faster than it, after piercing its chest and abdomen, he gathered strength in his right arm and stabbed straight towards the face spider’s head like a knife.

Just as it was about to hit, a sudden sound of breaking through the air came.

“Chi” sounded.

A bronze sword shot out and pierced Ba Yin’s right arm, causing his fatal blow to fall in the empty space.

However, the face spider did not miss the opportunity. All eight of its legs pierced into Ba Yin’s body, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Ba Yin groaned with blood in his mouth, turned his head and looked towards the valley. His eyes were bloodshot and covered with a layer of blood, and he saw a white ape standing there, still in the throwing position.

He opened his mouth to curse, but couldn’t say anything and died.

Under him, the face spider was also seriously injured. It struggled a few times, trying to get up, but did not have the strength to remove its legs from Ba Yin’s body.

Yuan Ming saw this and immediately rushed over in the form of a white ape.

When he got closer, he did not immediately check, but picked up the bronze sword first, and then circled around the face spider.

Seeing that it really had no resistance, he walked up and cut off its head with one sword.

The face spider, without its head, and its eight legs lost strength and collapsed.

At the same time, Ba Yin’s body quickly shrank, returning to human form, with a loose animal skin draped over him.

Yuan Ming breathed a sigh of relief, removed the animal skin, took out a blood storage bag, and began to collect the blood of the face spider.

After collecting it, he suddenly saw the face on the face spider’s forehead shrinking, like a human skin mask, falling off and slipping to the ground.

Yuan Ming was surprised and picked it up. After rubbing and pulling it, he found that it was very tough and unusual, so he kept it.

Then, he turned to the face spider’s abdomen and saw the shocking wound. He felt that Ba Yin was really terrifying. If he had fought with him and used these methods before he died, he would not have been able to bear it easily.

At this time, his gaze fell on the two front legs of the face spider, and he found that the flesh and blood on them had withered, revealing bones with a faint metallic luster, which seemed unusual.

Yuan Ming immediately took action, pulled Ba Yin’s body off the spider legs, put it aside, and then used the bronze sword to cut off the joints of the spider legs before removing them from the body.”This thing will definitely interest Zhao Tong.” Yuan Ming smirked.

Then, he walked over to Ba Yin and took off the blood storage bag from his body, pouring all the stored blood food into his own bag. He then searched for other things on his body.

When Yuan Ming tried to take off Ba Yin’s fur cloak, he was surprised to find that the fur had already stuck to Ba Yin’s head, and tearing it off would result in a large piece of flesh being torn apart, so he had to give up.

Moreover, Ba Yin’s originally sturdy body had become extremely thin, as if all the flesh and blood had melted away, which was very strange.

In the end, besides the blood storage bag, he only found a small black pottery bottle that was about an inch tall on Ba Yin’s body.

When he opened it, a pungent smell wafted out, and there were two red pills the size of green beans inside, but he didn’t know what they were.

After collecting everything, Yuan Ming rested for a while next to the two corpses until his mana and strength had recovered somewhat before getting up again.

Looking at Ba Yin’s body on the ground, Yuan Ming hesitated for a moment before pulling him up and carrying him on his shoulders, heading back towards the valley.

When he was close to the sulfur lake, Yuan Ming stopped and looked inside for a long time, but he never saw the lone horned wolf spider, guessing that it had escaped back to its nest due to its injuries.

Then, Yuan Ming threw Ba Yin’s body into the sulfur lake. He only found one relatively intact beast slave corpse and one that had already been gnawed to almost nothing in the place where he had fought before, and he reluctantly threw them into the lake as well.

He couldn’t find the last corpse no matter how hard he looked, and it should have been dragged back to the cave by the lone horned wolf spider, so he had to give up.

Fortunately, the blood storage bags of these three corpses were still intact, and Yuan Ming collected all the blood food inside, adding up to about thirteen portions with what he had collected earlier.

After packing up these things, Yuan Ming left the valley with his bronze long sword and the spider leg of the human-faced ghost spider.

The next day, in the Toad Valley.

Zhao Tong looked at the spider leg of the human-faced ghost spider that Yuan Ming had brought back, and was momentarily stunned.

“Judging from the quality, this human-faced ghost spider should be above the third level of Qi Refining. Did you really kill it?” He couldn’t help but ask when he saw the slightly injured Yuan Ming in front of him.

“What, if it wasn’t me who killed it, you wouldn’t take it?” Yuan Ming retorted.

“Of course I’ll take it. Why wouldn’t I take it? This spider leg is a rare item that the people of the Fire Refining Hall like.” Zhao Tong’s face was full of smiles as he quickly grabbed the two items.

“The Fire Refining Hall?” Yuan Ming asked in confusion.

Zhao Tong shouldn’t have told him about the internal affairs of the sect, but he was in a good mood today and explained briefly, “The hall responsible for refining weapons in the sect. You wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

“What are weapons?” Yuan Ming asked further.

“They are powerful weapons.” Zhao Tong didn’t want to say too much and just gave a perfunctory answer.

Upon hearing this, Yuan Ming took a long cylindrical animal skin package from his waist and placed it on the table. “What is this?” Zhao Tong asked in confusion.Yuan Ming calmly unwrapped the animal hide, revealing the bronze sword inside, and said, “Take a look at this for me.”

Zhao Tong glanced at the ancient bronze sword, first with a look of disdain, then his eyebrows slightly raised, revealing a hint of surprise.

“This seems to be a semi-magical artifact, where did you get it?” He picked up the sword and examined it carefully, asking with some doubt.

“I found it on the way while searching for the ferocious beast,” Yuan Ming casually replied with an excuse.

“Would you sell this? It’s a bit old, but the materials used in its refining are still quite solid. Although it’s only a semi-magical artifact, it should be worth some money,” Zhao Tong commented.

“What is a magical artifact, and why is this sword considered a semi-magical artifact?” Instead of answering, Yuan Ming changed the topic.

“What’s with all the questions today?” Zhao Tong pouted, dissatisfied.

Yuan Ming remained expressionless, reached out to take back the sword, and said, “If you don’t know, I’ll ask someone else.”

“Who said I don’t know?” Zhao Tong immediately glared.

“Then let’s hear it,” Yuan Ming said with a smile.

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