Chapter 28 – Murder a person with a borrowed knife

As Yuan Ming was in a stalemate with three young wolf beast slaves, Ba Yin finally caught up and joined the battle without hesitation. He rushed out and directly rammed into Yuan Ming with brute force. In a hurry, Yuan Ming could only cross his arms in front of him, but he was still hit by the immense force and flew backwards, hitting the mountain wall hard. Yuan Ming felt a sweetness in his throat, and a mouthful of blood had already spilled from his mouth.

“Indeed, very strong,” Yuan Ming judged in his mind. With his current strength, he was definitely not a match for Ba Yin in a head-on fight, especially with three others assisting him.

Just then, Yuan Ming suddenly heard rustling sounds above his head. Then, a string of small stones rolled down from the mountain wall behind him.

“Finally arrived,” Yuan Ming murmured. He then suddenly released his fur technique and transformed back to his human form. This move was like disarming in battle, which surprised Ba Yin and the others. They couldn’t figure out what he was planning to do.

Yuan Ming had no intention of explaining and immediately took out a paper bag from his pocket. He roughly tore it open and sprinkled the red and white powder all over his body, emitting a pungent smell.

Ba Yin wrinkled his nose and then heard one of the young wolf beast slaves say, “Boss Ba Yin, this seems to be… Beast Repelling Powder.” Although he didn’t know what was going on, he already sensed that something was wrong.

“Don’t worry about it, go up and kill him,” Ba Yin shouted.

The three young wolf beast slaves rushed towards Yuan Ming, who had not used the fur technique again and instead turned to climb up the mountain wall. One of the young wolf beast slaves ran quickly, grabbed a rock protruding from the wall with its front paws, and jumped up, opening its bloody mouth to bite Yuan Ming’s leg.

Just as its teeth were about to sink into Yuan Ming’s leg, a sharp black bone spur flew past Yuan Ming’s back with a “whoosh.” It pierced through the young wolf beast slave’s head, splattering blood everywhere. The young wolf beast slave’s body was carried by the strong inertia of the bone spur and slammed onto the ground, dying on the spot.

The other two young wolf beast slaves were frightened and stopped their charge. They all looked up at the huge black head that had just emerged from a large hole in the rock wall above Yuan Ming.Its head was as big as a cow’s, covered in short black fur. Two rows of eight compound eyes were neatly arranged, with a pair of curved hook-like mouthparts below, shining with a dark glow. Above its head was a sharp black horn.

“What the hell is this?” exclaimed a wolf beast slave.

His voice immediately attracted the strange head, and all eight eyes looked over. The sharp black horn on its head flashed, and a black bone spike shot out.

The wolf beast slave reacted quickly and dodged, but the bone spike grazed his back, leaving only a scratch.

The strange head immediately moved, extending its head forward and poking out of the cave. Its entire body and eight spear-like black spider legs crawled out of the cave.

Its body clung to the steep cliff, and its eight spider legs were firmly nailed to the crevices of the rock, as stable as Mount Tai.

“A horned wolf spider? How could there be such a thing here?” Ba Yin couldn’t help but exclaim.

As he spoke, he looked at the wolf beast slave who had been scratched by the bone spike and had already fallen to the ground, with black blood flowing from his mouth and nose.

The remaining wolf beast slave was petrified in place.

“Such a strong toxicity,” Ba Yin said, and a black bone spike flew towards him.

He immediately slapped it away with his paw, and the bone spike was deflected towards Yuan Ming.

Yuan Ming quickly dodged to the side and climbed up again towards the horned wolf spider. Because he was covered in beast-repelling powder, the spider did not attack him immediately, but instead prioritized attacking Ba Yin.

The horned wolf spider quickly crawled towards Ba Yin, its eight steel-like spider legs supporting its body. Its sharp leg tips constantly stabbed towards Ba Yin.

Ba Yin could only swing his two badger paws, constantly blocking with his claws, making a series of metallic clanging sounds. The seemingly slender legs of the horned wolf spider collided with his claws, but instead of being damaged, it forced Ba Yin into a corner, leaving him with bloody wounds.

Soon, his wounds turned black, indicating that they were also poisoned.Yuan Ming took the opportunity to quickly climb up and soon arrived at the cave where the lone horned wolf spider lived.

He entered the cave and was immediately hit by an indescribable complex smell.

Yuan Ming looked around and saw that the cave was filled with white bones that had been gnawed clean and pieces of tattered and broken flesh.

In the center of these filthy things, there was a dark red object that looked like a Lingzhi fairy grass, with wood-like textures and slight movements like an animal.

“It’s the meat Lingzhi mentioned in the ‘Bai Cao Ji’.” Yuan Ming’s eyes lit up with excitement.

A few days ago, when he was out hunting, his injured prey disappeared after entering this secluded valley. He later found out that it was taken by the lone horned wolf spider.

When he came to investigate, he found the meat Lingzhi, a precious medicinal herb recorded in the ‘Bai Cao Ji’, and decided to take it.

However, Yuan Ming found that he was no match for the lone horned wolf spider, so he came up with a plan to lure the Green Wolf Gang to chase him and take advantage of the chaos to steal the treasure.

As soon as he saw the treasure, Yuan Ming immediately went forward and dug out the palm-sized meat Lingzhi, wrapped it in a prepared animal skin, and put it in his pocket.

After getting the item, Yuan Ming went to the cave entrance to observe the situation outside before making a decision.

However, as soon as he arrived, a pale and terrifying face suddenly appeared above the cave entrance, staring at him with round and black eyes.

The eyes were completely black, without any white, and looked very strange.

Yuan Ming was startled and immediately dodged backwards, only to see that the pale face was actually a special pattern on the head of a black spider.

This spider was much smaller than the lone horned wolf spider, with thin legs like a stick and a long and slender body, but its head was round and had a pale white face.

When Yuan Ming stared at it, it also looked at him, but its black eyes revealed nothing.

Suddenly, the strange face grinned, but there were no teeth or even a visible mouth. It was like a face stuck on the spider’s forehead.

This eerie scene made Yuan Ming’s scalp tingle, and he instinctively wanted to escape.

However, the cave was shallow and had only one exit, so Yuan Ming was trapped inside.He had no choice but to use the Feather Transformation Technique, turning into a white ape. He randomly grabbed a bone from the pile of white bones, not knowing what kind of beast it belonged to, and was about to throw it using his Stored Power Arm.

However, the beast bone, which had been dead for who knows how long, shattered with a “crack” before he could even use it.

Yuan Ming hurriedly picked up another one, but it also shattered as soon as he squeezed it.

Cursing silently, he reached for another bone and was about to throw it when he suddenly realized that it felt different in his hand. Upon closer inspection, he found that it was not a bone at all, but rather a rusty bronze ancient sword.

At that moment, the human-faced spider launched its attack first. One of its slender legs shot out like a steel spear, stabbing directly at Yuan Ming with incredible speed, even faster than the Single-Horned Wolf Spider.

Yuan Ming had no time to think and hastily blocked the attack with the sword.

“Clang!” A sharp sound rang out as the sword collided with the spider’s leg, sending sparks flying.

Yuan Ming felt a strong force coming at him, causing him to involuntarily retreat. Upon inspecting the sword in his hand, he found that it had only lost a bit of rust and was otherwise unharmed.

The human-faced spider attacked again, this time with two of its legs stabbing at Yuan Ming from both sides, launching a continuous assault.

Yuan Ming swung his sword to block the attacks while desperately pushing towards the cave entrance.

The limited space inside the cave restricted his movements, making him extremely passive.

As he pushed against the spider’s legs and approached the cave entrance, the abdomen of the human-faced spider suddenly contracted, and a small hole in its belly sprayed out a stream of white liquid. The liquid expanded into a white spider web in mid-air, enveloping Yuan Ming’s head.

Seeing this, Yuan Ming blocked the stabbing spider leg with his sword and grabbed the spider web with his other hand. He swung his arm, wrapping the web around it, and then rolled it into a knot.

A sharp, intense pain immediately spread through his palm, and a powerful corrosive force seeped into his flesh. Even with the protection of the white ape skin, his palm was instantly corroded, leaving several wounds.

The burning pain caused Yuan Ming’s eyes to widen in anger, and a fierce aura that seemed not to belong to him was also stimulated.

He let out a roar, gripping the sword with one hand to block the attack while his body lunged forward. The injured palm clenched into a fist, and he threw a punch directly at the stabbing spider leg.

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