Chapter 23 – Gang up together

“In the various parts of the hundred thousand mountains, there are beast slave collectors collecting the essence blood of ferocious beasts. I’m not sure how many there are. I only know a few people in the nearby areas and haven’t had contact with the farther regions.” Ha Gong could tell that Yuan Ming had helped him earlier to inquire about something and didn’t mind.

Yuan Ming nodded slowly and asked a few more questions about the beast slave collectors, receiving fairly good answers.

“Ha Gong, I have another question. I’ve been practicing the fur technique for several months now. A few days ago, when I used it, there was suddenly an urge to kill and a craving for blood that surged up from my heart, almost taking control of my will. Do you know what’s going on?” Yuan Ming asked about what he was most concerned about.

“It’s normal. It’s the backlash of using the fur technique,” Ha Gong said calmly.

“Backlash?” Yuan Ming’s expression immediately became serious as he asked.

“The fur technique is a unique secret technique of the Bi Luo Cave. It can merge specially made beast skins with those who have just started on the path of cultivation, giving them powerful strength that can rival that of demonic beasts. It’s truly a formidable spell, but this power isn’t something we cultivate ourselves and has strong side effects.” Ha Gong sighed and spoke.

“The side effects are the backlash you just mentioned?” Yuan Ming hurriedly asked.

“The beast skins we have in our hands are all made by refining the fur and skin of ferocious beasts in the hundred thousand mountains through secret methods. These skins contain the primitive demonic energy and killing intent of the ferocious beasts, which will gradually erode our bodies. When it reaches a certain point, there will be a backlash, and in the end, our bodies will completely merge with the beast skins, turning into monsters that only know how to kill.” Ha Gong’s voice was tinged with a bitter tone.

“Is there any way to avoid the backlash of the fur technique?” Yuan Ming asked.

“No, as long as the fur technique is used, the ferocious energy and killing intent within the beast skins will continuously erode our bodies. The more the fur technique is used, the greater the risk of backlash, and in the end, it’s a one-way street. No one can escape.” Ha Gong’s eyes flashed with a hint of pain.

“Then how long can we fur slaves last on average?” Yuan Ming’s face became solemn as he asked.

“If you only hunt five beast slaves a month and try not to use the fur technique as much as possible, it’s not a problem to hold on for four or five years or even longer. However, if you frequently use the fur technique, many people will completely go insane within a year or two.” Ha Gong said.

“Does the Bi Luo Cave just let this happen?” Yuan Ming couldn’t help but feel a sinking feeling in his heart and said after a moment of silence.

“Why would the Bi Luo Cave care about the life and death of us fur slaves? By the way, if you can collect a thousand essence blood samples before completely going insane, you may be able to become a named disciple and avoid using the fur technique.” After saying these words, a hint of self-mockery appeared on Ha Gong’s lips.

“Have you accepted this task as well?” Yuan Ming asked.”Hehe, as long as we perform well in the first few months, the elders who manage us will privately assign us this task to collect as much essence blood as possible in a short period of time.” Ha Gong smirked and glanced at Yuan Ming.

“If what you said earlier is true, then the person would have gone mad before collecting enough beast blood.” Yuan Ming sighed and said.

“Not necessarily. There are also people with extraordinary talents. If they haven’t lost their minds, it means they have strong willpower. The Bi Luo Cave will not refuse such people.” Ha Gong replied noncommittally.

Yuan Ming nodded silently and was about to ask something else when his eyebrows suddenly raised. He looked towards the dense forest behind him and transformed into a white ape form using the Fur Transformation technique.

Ha Gong also turned around abruptly and transformed into a green wolf form.

Five figures flew out of the dense forest, all of them Fur Beast Slaves, and surrounded Yuan Ming and Ha Gong in a fan shape, with extremely agile movements.

The encirclement had already formed almost as soon as Yuan Ming and Ha Gong had completed their Fur Transformation technique.

Yuan Ming frowned. He didn’t expect it to be so difficult to find a Fur Beast Slave before, but now they had encountered six of them in a short time. However, the five people behind them were obviously hostile.

“It’s you guys!” Ha Gong calmly spoke, obviously recognizing the people.

“Ha Gong, we meet again. I saw the body of a bloodline crocodile over there. Did you hunt it down? It seems that your strength has improved. Admire, admire.” A red tiger Fur Beast Slave stepped forward, glanced at Yuan Ming, and laughed at Ha Gong.

This person was huge, even bigger than Ha Gong’s green wolf transformation, with bulging muscles full of strength. He was obviously the leader of this group.

“Stop flattering. You have become more hypocritical after joining the Green Wolf Gang. So, what do you want to do?” Ha Gong snorted.

“Ha Gong, you stole my prey last time. This time, I’ll make you pay ten times the price!” Another grey wolf Fur Beast Slave stared at Ha Gong and gritted his teeth.

“Wu Li, we both found the spotted leopard at the same time. You couldn’t kill it, but you won’t let others do it either?” Ha Gong looked at the grey wolf Fur Beast Slave and smirked.

“Nonsense, it was clearly you who stole my prey.” Wu Li growled.

Zan Bai, with a cold gaze, glanced at Wu Li, as if blaming him for speaking out of turn.

Wu Li’s heart trembled, and he took two steps back without daring to speak again.

“Ha Gong, let’s not beat around the bush. You have provoked our people several times. If I don’t punish you severely, how will others look at me? Since we both joined the Bi Luo Cave, hand over the blood storage bag, and I can let you go.” Zan Bai said calmly.

“Really?” Ha Gong seemed to be somewhat tempted.

“Of course, you should know that our Blackwood tribe people are the most trustworthy.” Zan Bai patted his chest with one hand and said proudly.

“Okay, I surrender today. Catch.” Ha Gong took out the blood storage bag from his arms and threw it towards Zan Bai.Yuan Ming was surprised to find a little blood stain at the bottom of the blood bag, which was not the one Ha Gong had used before. Could it be that he had killed a beast slave and taken it?

Ha Gong seemed to notice Yuan Ming’s gaze and pointed to the left with his left hand behind his back.

Yuan Ming looked at the scene with a pensive expression.

Zan Bai’s expression was also surprised. He subconsciously caught the blood bag and suddenly felt something strange. There was a hole at the bottom of the blood bag, and there was a small black ball inside.

He took a closer look and suddenly became angry and shocked.

The black ball exploded with a bang, and a large black smoke suddenly appeared, engulfing an area of more than ten meters near the lake.

“Let’s go!” Ha Gong turned into a blue shadow and flew towards the left.

Although Yuan Ming couldn’t see Ha Gong, he immediately ran in that direction and easily escaped from the encirclement of the beast slaves.

“Ha ha, Zan Bai, we’ll meet again!” Ha Gong laughed and led Yuan Ming into the jungle.

As soon as Yuan Ming entered the jungle, he quickly took out two stones from his backpack and threw them left and right.

The two stones flew out and hit two places in the jungle, causing the leaves to shake.

The figures of Zan Bai and others flashed in the black smoke, but Ha Gong and Yuan Ming had disappeared from the lake. There were only three swaying bushes, and it was impossible to judge which direction they had gone.

Zan Bai’s eyes were full of anger, and he clenched his fists.

Yuan Ming followed Ha Gong and fled for seven or eight miles. When he saw that no one was chasing him, he stopped.

“Ha Gong, who are those guys?” Yuan Ming gasped and asked.

“Those guys are from the Qing Lang Gang, just like us, they are all beast slaves. Their leader is called Wu Bao, leading a group of more than ten people to rob others.” Ha Gong leaned against an old tree and said.

“They dare not hunt fierce beasts themselves, but instead attract attention by robbing others. What’s the difference between them and bandits?” Yuan Ming sneered.

“In fact, there are quite a few groups like them, but most of them choose to hunt beasts together, and only a few engage in robbery. Yuan Ming, with your skills and courage, you might as well join a group to make it easier.” Ha Gong sighed and said.

“What about you? Are you a member of any group?” Yuan Ming raised his eyebrows and asked.

Ha Gong shook his head and said, “I used to join, but I left later.”

“Why?” Yuan Ming asked in confusion.

“Different paths lead to different destinations. Once a group is formed, there must be a leader and a hierarchy. When hunting beasts, there is indeed an advantage and can minimize casualties. But when it comes to sharing the results, it’s not so harmonious. The leader and his cronies naturally get more, as for others…hehe.” Ha Gong didn’t finish his words, but Yuan Ming already understood.”In that case, it’s better to fight alone.” Yuan Ming laughed.

“No matter what, it’s not easy to survive here. Let me remind you, don’t trust others too easily, and don’t help others too easily. When it comes to desperate situations, people can do anything.” Ha Gong said with a complex expression.

“I have my own principles in dealing with things.” Yuan Ming nodded and smiled.

Hearing this, Ha Gong didn’t say anything more.

After resting for a while, Yuan Ming suddenly asked, “Ha Gong, what was that thing you threw out earlier that released a large amount of smoke?”

“That thing is called a smoke bomb. It was created by the registered disciples of Bi Luo Cave. It’s very useful for escaping.” Ha Gong answered.

“Smoke bomb? How did you get something made by the registered disciples of Bi Luo Cave?” Yuan Ming was puzzled.

“What, you’ve never been to Toad Valley?” Ha Gong was a little surprised.

“No.” Yuan Ming shook his head.

“Alright, I’m free today, so I’ll take you there to have a look. It’s a place for bartering, where you can exchange some items from fierce beasts, or directly use blood food, for things you need.” Ha Gong laughed, got up from the ground, patted the dirt off his butt, and said.

“Isn’t that just a market street? There’s such a place here?” Yuan Ming became curious.

“It was set up by some Bi Luo Cave disciples. They sometimes need things that we risk our lives to get from the fierce beasts. Let’s go, it’s not far from here, we can get there in half an hour.” Ha Gong grinned and said.

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