Chapter 15 – That’s it

Yuan Ming felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, but he didn’t stop his movements. He turned his body, swung his right leg like an axe, and kicked the green fox’s waist with a sharp gust of wind.


The green fox was kicked and flew out, hitting a big tree behind and falling to the ground.

The fox quickly got up, and although its waist seemed to be uninjured, several wounds that had not yet healed on its body began to bleed again.

Perhaps due to excessive blood loss, the green fox’s steps were a bit unstable, and its green eyes stared at Yuan Ming. Yuan Ming didn’t back down and stared back at it while clenching his fists and letting out a few low roars.

After a few breaths, the green fox suddenly turned and ran towards the distance, disappearing into the jungle in the blink of an eye.

Yuan Ming breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed his tense face. He had made up his mind to fight the fox to the death and was not going to let go of its body.

Yuan Ming treated the claw wounds on his shoulder and stopped the bleeding before hanging the fox’s body on a nearby tree and cutting its throat with a bone knife.

The fox’s blood flowed out and was caught in a beast skin bag that Yuan Ming had prepared. He quickly filled half the bag with fox blood.

“Looking at this trend, the blood of one green fox can fill this bag. How can I hunt other fierce beasts?” Yuan Ming murmured to himself, with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

As an elder and experienced hunter, Hu Huo couldn’t have overlooked this problem.

“Could it be that this bag has some special features?” Yuan Ming’s gaze fell on the strange blood-colored pattern on the surface of the bag, and a thought suddenly came to his mind.

He pointed one or two fingers at the blood-colored pattern and infused his mana into it.

The pattern became even brighter, and the bag lit up with a faint blood-red light, like the glow of a sunset. The fox blood in the bag also flowed as if an invisible hand was stirring it.

To Yuan Ming’s surprise, the fox blood in the bag visibly decreased at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Within a few breaths, half of the fox blood had disappeared.

The remaining fox blood looked even brighter, and the smell of blood became even stronger.

“This bag is indeed not an ordinary item. It’s a refined and purified storage for animal blood, isn’t it?” Yuan Ming’s face showed a look of joy as he continued to infuse his mana carefully into the bag.

At this moment, the bag suddenly made a “pu” sound, as if the mana he infused had broken through a barrier. The surface of the bag lit up with a faint white light, forming a white circle that kept swirling.

A strong suction force emerged from the white circle and enveloped the green fox’s neck wound.

Splash!A large amount of fox blood gushed out, but not a drop fell outside, and it all fell into the skin bag.

“Does this bag also have the ability to collect animal blood on its own?” Yuan Ming’s eyes widened slightly, but he quickly regained his calm.

It’s not surprising that this blood-storing skin bag has the ability to collect animal blood. If you hang the body of a fierce beast on a tree, not only is the efficiency of collecting blood too low, but there will also be a lot of waste if you are not careful. As a sect, since the Bi Luo Cave needs this kind of animal blood, it cannot ignore this problem.

However, Elder Hu Huo did not mention this matter from beginning to end, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

As the green fox blood was sucked dry, the refinement inside the skin bag also ended, and all the fox blood turned into a small crystal blood clot the size of a fist, quietly suspended in the bag.

Although very weak, the crystal blood clot emitted a trace of magical power fluctuations.

“It seems that my guess was correct. This green fox is indeed a fierce beast that can absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to strengthen itself.” Yuan Ming came to a conclusion and did not stay here for long. He grabbed the green fox’s body and retreated towards the canyon, quickly arriving at the edge of the canyon.

Just at this moment, a dense running sound came from behind, mixed with the sound of panting.

Yuan Ming jumped onto a big tree and looked back. Suddenly, his pupils shrank.

He saw more than a dozen green fox fierce beasts rushing towards him, less than twenty yards away.

“Bad news, these green foxes are actually a group of fierce beasts!” Yuan Ming quickly got off the tree, leaped into the canyon, and his figure soon merged into the thick fog.

After a few breaths, the green fox group chased to the edge of the canyon, roaring incessantly at the misty canyon, but none of them dared to step into it, as if they were considering something.

Amidst the rolling fog, Yuan Ming did not slow down his pace and ran all the way to the opposite bank, quickly arriving at the rock wall.

After running so far with a green fox’s body, even though he had used the fur technique, he was still tired and had to stop to catch his breath.

Fortunately, it was quiet inside the fog behind him, and those green foxes did not chase after him.

Yuan Ming felt a little strange, but he did not investigate further. After regaining some strength, he carried the green fox’s body and climbed up, quickly reaching the top.

The green foxes on the opposite side were still lingering there. When they saw Yuan Ming and the green fox’s body on his back, they roared one after another, still not daring to enter the canyon.

“It seems that these green foxes are afraid to enter the canyon. I don’t know if they are afraid of the fog here or if the people of Bi Luo Cave have used some means to make them not dare to enter?” Yuan Ming speculated to himself.

If it was the latter, then this canyon would be very useful. In the future, as long as he hides in the canyon, he can avoid powerful fierce beasts.

After standing silently for a while, Yuan Ming turned around and walked into the forest, and his figure soon disappeared.

The green fox group on the other side of the canyon lingered at the edge of the canyon for a while before finally dispersing.

Half an hour later, Yuan Ming returned to the cave with the green fox’s body, and he had a cloth bag in his hand with several plants inside.

He couldn’t remember the names of these plants, but he suddenly remembered that they had the effect of stopping bleeding and healing wounds, so he picked them on the way back.

“It seems that I also have some knowledge of medicine.” He thought to himself, using magic to remove the fur technique and revealing the wound on his shoulder.

After being covered with ape skin for so long, the bleeding had stopped.Yuan Ming crushed several flowers and herbs, mixed them with water to make a paste, and applied it to his wounds.

Instantly, a cool sensation spread out, greatly reducing the pain in his injuries, and the bleeding stopped completely.

“It really works.” Yuan Ming was pleased.

In this forest, hunting beasts and getting injured was common, so this healing recipe would definitely come in handy.

Just then, his stomach growled.

Using the Shapeshifting Technique not only consumed his magical power, but also his physical strength. After a fierce battle with the Green Fox, he had used up all his supplies.

Yuan Ming stood up and cut two pieces of fox meat, then started a fire to cook them. The aroma quickly spread, making his mouth water.

“The flesh and blood of ferocious beasts contain spiritual energy, which is different from ordinary wild animals.” He salivated, waiting eagerly for the meat to be cooked.

After eating the two pieces of fox meat, Yuan Ming felt warm and satisfied, rubbing his stomach. He then sat down and began to plan his next move.

He had witnessed the power of ferocious beasts today. The Green Fox and the Yellow Armored Armadillo lived in the forest edge area and were probably just ordinary ferocious beasts. Even the weaker Green Fox, in a one-on-one situation without any other help, he believed he would be more likely to lose than win, let alone the fact that there were a large number of them.

He had four more days left and needed to hunt four more ferocious beasts. His time was very tight, so he had to come up with a good plan as soon as possible.

Yuan Ming pondered for a moment, then decided to target the Green Foxes.

Firstly, because the Green Foxes were slightly weaker, and secondly, because there were many of them, which was enough for him to kill.

“Should I dig a trap like I did when I hunted the black bear before?” Yuan Ming had little experience in hunting beasts, and the first thing that came to mind was still the old method.

However, after careful consideration, he rejected this idea.

The Green Foxes were different from the black bear. They were cunning enough to retreat and call for help from their companions when there was a risk. Moreover, they were agile, so a roughly set trap would probably not work and might even backfire.

Yuan Ming continued to think of other ways, and after a while, he suddenly looked up as if he had thought of something.

“Yes, that’s it!”

The night passed quickly.

Yuan Ming opened his eyes, his eyes shining brightly.

After a night of hard work, the magical power in his Dantian had increased slightly. With the speed of accumulating magical power using the Nine Elements Technique, if he had another ten days or half a month, he might not be afraid of the Green Foxes anymore.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time left.

After eating two more pieces of fox meat to fill his stomach, Yuan Ming used the Shapeshifting Technique to transform into a white ape and headed straight across the canyon to the other side. He quickly arrived at the place where he had found the Yellow Armored Armadillo yesterday.

After a search, he finally found the trace of the Yellow Armored Armadillo in a clump of trees near the mountain wall.

The Yellow Armored Armadillo also noticed Yuan Ming on the tree and looked at him with threatening eyes.

Yuan Ming grinned at the Armadillo, then turned around and leaped among the trees, heading towards the distance.

The Yellow Armored Armadillo did not expect the sudden appearance of the white ape to just leave like that, and was stunned for a moment. Its small black eyes stared at Yuan Ming’s departing figure until it was sure that he had left its “territory,” then turned around and “swooshed” into a small cave in the bottom of the mountain wall.Inside the cave, a layer of hay was spread out, and several small armadillos were lying there. Seeing the big armadillo coming in, they chirped and gathered around it.

The yellow armadillo’s eyes showed a loving expression as its pink tongue licked the young armadillos.

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