Chapter 13 – Burn incense

Seeing that his finger was not seriously injured, Yuan Ming stopped paying attention to it and reached out to grab the incense burner.

At that moment, the last spark on the black incense stick completely extinguished, and a hazy light shone. His finger unexpectedly passed directly through the incense burner.

In the next instant, the green ceramic incense burner completely disappeared, turning into a stream of light that flew into the mark on his arm.

Yuan Ming’s pupils contracted, and his previously somewhat groggy consciousness instantly became clear.

He rolled up his right sleeve and saw the green mark reappear there, but it no longer emitted any light.

Yuan Ming gently touched the mark with his finger, and the memory of his recent transformation into a young emperor began to emerge in his mind bit by bit.

“It seems that the incense burner only transported me to the young emperor for a while, and it immediately returned to its original form when the time limit was up.” He pondered for a moment, and a realization dawned on him.

This experience was very novel, and the young and passionate Yuan Ming couldn’t help but want to experience it again.

Unfortunately, he had no magical power left in his body, so he couldn’t summon the incense burner.

“Although the experience with the incense burner is mysterious, the most important thing right now is to cultivate enough magical power to perform the Hair Covering Technique!” Yuan Ming steadied his mind, put aside his playful thoughts, sat cross-legged, and was about to practice the Blood Qi Method.

“My progress in the Blood Qi Method is too slow. The old Daoist from the Jade Pot boasted that the Nine Elements Formula accumulates magical power very quickly. Why not give it a try?” A thought suddenly popped into his mind.

However, the Nine Elements Formula and the Blood Qi Method are two completely different techniques. He wondered if the magical power cultivated by this technique could be used to perform the Hair Covering Technique?

“Never mind, let’s give it a try first.”

Yuan Ming made up his mind, slowly closed his eyes, began to carefully recall the content of the Nine Elements Formula, and started to recite it silently in his heart.

Before long, he felt the acupoints all over his body slowly opening, and the spiritual energy from the outside world slowly seeped in through the opened acupoints, turning into a warm current flowing through his meridians.

“The Nine Elements Formula can actually use all the acupoints in the body to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth at the same time!” Yuan Ming was both surprised and delighted.

The Blood Qi Method could only use a few easy-to-control acupoints such as the Yongquan point on the sole of the foot and the Baihui point on the top of the head to connect with the outside world. In terms of the number of acupoints alone, the Nine Elements Formula was far superior to the Blood Qi Method.

Yuan Ming continued to meditate and practice, breathing in and out the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

At first, the spiritual energy gradually seeped in. As he continued to circulate the energy, the speed at which the spiritual energy entered his body gradually increased, and the whole process was smooth and unimpeded.

Gradually, more and more spiritual energy gathered in his meridians, gradually filling them and making them somewhat swollen.

Yuan Ming didn’t know if this was normal, so he could only continue to practice the Nine Elements Formula, trying to sort out these spiritual energies. Soon, a clear stream of spiritual energy was formed, which was completely different from the almost non-existent flow of the Blood Qi Method.

He controlled the spiritual energy to circulate in his body for a full cycle, and finally sank into the Dantian.

Whether it’s the Nine Elements Formula or the Blood Qi Method, the basic principle is the same: to circulate the absorbed spiritual energy in the body and then sink it into the Dantian, transforming it into magical power.

Yuan Ming stared intently at the spiritual energy flow, fearing that it would overflow again.

However, his worry did not occur. The spiritual energy flow successfully broke through the bottleneck of the Dantian and entered the Dantian.

“Did I succeed so easily?” Yuan Ming was overjoyed.

The problem that had troubled him for half a month while practicing the Blood Qi Method was now quietly resolved.

All of this was due to the effect of the Nine Elements Formula. This technique is a real cultivation method, far superior to the Blood Qi Method in terms of grade. It can even be said that the two are not on the same level at all.

“No wonder the old Daoist from the Jade Pot spoke so highly of the Nine Elements Formula.” Yuan Ming thought to himself.

What he didn’t know was that the “Nine Elements Formula” was the top entry-level cultivation technique of the Changchun View in the Central Plains of the Great Jin Kingdom. Even the ordinary inner disciples of the Changchun View might not have the opportunity to glimpse its true nature. Its guidance and achievements in cultivation were far beyond the ordinary techniques of the Southern Border like the “Blood Qi Method”.

Yuan Ming took a deep breath and continued to practice. The spiritual energy condensed in the Dantian suddenly became a bit restless, like a runaway horse, showing signs of random collision.

He immediately remembered the phrase “The mind enters the Tai Xu Garden, the intention guards the Dantian Palace”, and immediately concentrated all his consciousness and attention on the Dantian.

After a while, the spiritual energy in the Dantian became extremely hot, and there was a faint feeling of burning.

Yuan Ming was not flustered. The old Daoist from the Jade Pot had told him before that this feeling was a sign of transforming spiritual energy into magical power.

He immediately accelerated the recitation of the Nine Elements Formula in his heart, assisting the hot spiritual energy to break free from its shackles, and quickly completed the final transformation, turning into a slightly cool magical power.

“The Nine Elements Formula is much more advanced than the Blood Qi Method in terms of condensing magical power.” Yuan Ming marveled.

He didn’t continue to practice, but instead circulated the newly condensed magical power to his finger and without hesitation, touched it to the green mark on his right arm.All the events that happened to him today were caused by this mysterious incense burner, especially the fact that he had accidentally obtained the Nine Elements Formula, a heaven-defying technique. This made him unable to resist the urge to summon the incense burner again, to see if there were any other surprises.

As he expected, the mark once again emitted a suction force, swallowing this strand of magical power. A green light flashed on the mark, and the mysterious incense burner appeared out of thin air.

Seeing this, Yuan Ming breathed a sigh of relief.

Now he could basically confirm that the green incense burner was not a one-time consumable. The green mark was formed after the incense burner attached to his body, and it could be summoned as long as he slightly infused it with magical power.

He joyfully examined the incense burner in his hand, then suddenly let out a soft exclamation.

The green incense burner was the same as before, except that the Great Ultimate pattern on it was dim and lacked the previous brilliance.

Yuan Ming raised an eyebrow, explored the Great Ultimate pattern, and even infused it with magical power, but nothing unusual happened.

“It seems that this Great Ultimate pattern is related to some mechanism of the incense burner,” he thought to himself, then shifted his gaze to the two black incense sticks inside the burner, his face showing a thoughtful expression.

Based on the previous situation, lighting these two black incense sticks would allow him to traverse space and possess someone. There were only two incense sticks left, meaning he had two more chances to traverse and possess someone.

However, the incense burner was mysterious and attached to him. If he couldn’t grasp the whole picture, he wouldn’t feel at ease.

After weighing his options for a while, Yuan Ming gritted his teeth and lit a piece of cloth, bringing it close to the black incense stick in the burner.

This time, he lit one of the two long incense sticks.

However, despite the flame burning, the black incense stick showed no signs of igniting.

“What’s going on? It lit up easily before,” Yuan Ming frowned, bringing the burning cloth close to the other black incense stick, but it also failed to ignite.

“It’s strange, could it be that the incense burner needs to meet certain conditions to light the incense and traverse?” He muttered to himself, his gaze suddenly falling on the dim Great Ultimate pattern.

“Perhaps the incense can only be lit when the Great Ultimate pattern is bright,” Yuan Ming guessed to himself.

Apart from this reason, he couldn’t think of any other possibilities. However, he had no clue how to make the Great Ultimate pattern light up.


His stomach rumbled like a drum, and a strong sense of hunger hit him, interrupting his thoughts.

“Forget it, this incense burner is indeed mysterious. It’s unrealistic to figure it out in a short time. I’ll deal with it later,” Yuan Ming shook his head, no longer wasting his energy in vain.

He held the incense burner in his hand, considering how to take it into his body.

The incense burner had previously returned to his right arm on its own, but he hadn’t yet figured out how to retrieve it.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, the green incense burner suddenly became transparent, turned into a green light, and returned to his right arm, forming the mark.

“It really is a treasure,” Yuan Ming’s face lit up with joy, further confirming that this incense burner was a rare treasure.

However, even the most powerful treasure couldn’t solve the problem of hunger.

He got up and went inside the cave, took out a piece of animal skin, which contained five or six wild fruits. These were leftovers from before.

The meat in the cave had been eaten up, and he still couldn’t use the Fur Covering Technique. It was too dangerous to go out and hunt, so he could only rely on these wild fruits to barely satisfy his hunger.

“I must master the Fur Covering Technique before I run out of fruit!” Yuan Ming made up his mind, grabbed a fruit and wolfed it down, slightly easing his hunger.

Without any delay, he immediately sat down cross-legged and started practicing the Nine Elements Formula.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth gathered from all directions, entered his body through various acupoints, and began to condense in his dantian again.

In the blink of an eye, five days passed.

Yuan Ming sat cross-legged in the cave, looking somewhat haggard, his lips pale and cracked.

At his age, he was growing and needed food. One wild fruit a day was far from enough, it could only barely keep him alive. Fortunately, the practice of the Nine Elements Formula was surprisingly smooth.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth continuously gathered from all directions, entered his meridians through the acupoints all over his body, then circulated according to the route of the Nine Elements Formula, transforming into strands of magical power.

The magical power in his dantian gathered into threads, slowly circulating. Half a day later, it formed a small vortex.

“I’ve finally formed a magical power vortex,” Yuan Ming rejoiced in his heart.

According to what Elder Hu Huo had said before, forming a magical power vortex meant that his magical power had a small foundation, and he could use the Fur Covering Technique.

Yuan Ming opened his eyes, impatiently draped the White Ape’s skin around his waist, chanted the spell, and activated the Fur Covering Technique mantra that Elder Hu Huo had taught him.

As he cast the spell, strands of white light appeared on the White Ape’s skin, then covered his body like a living thing. Blood-red root-like patterns emerged from the inside of the ape skin and penetrated into his body.

Yuan Ming clenched his fist, barely enduring the pain that felt like needles piercing his entire body.

However, just as Elder Hu Huo had said before, the pain of the Fur Covering Technique was greatly reduced when he cast it himself.The white ape skin quickly covered Yuan Ming’s entire body, transforming him into a white humanoid ape, a powerful force filled his body.

Yuan Ming looked at his furry appearance and let out a sigh.

After twenty days, he had finally managed to perform the Fur Coat Technique on his own again, gaining the power to protect himself, no longer a weak existence without strength.

However, he had been hungry for several days, his body weak and feeble, the power surging within him was much less than before.

But Yuan Ming didn’t mind this at all. Being able to accumulate enough mana in five days to perform the Fur Coat Technique, he was already satisfied.

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