Chapter 0


A thin figure leaped into the river, splashing water everywhere.

The owner of the figure seemed to be a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy, dressed in gorgeous clothes, but half of his body was stained with blood. As soon as he entered the water, he kicked his legs and swam downstream to the bottom of the river.


Arrows with a deadly sound shot from behind, piercing the water surface.

The sharp arrows chased the boy at a high speed, leaving wounds on his cheeks, arms, thighs, and other parts. Blood dyed the surrounding water red in an instant, but fortunately, none of the wounds were fatal.

The boy gritted his teeth, used his hands and feet, and tried his best to dive to the bottom of the river.

Suddenly, the nearby water flow became turbulent, and a strong dark current swept his body away, throwing him several feet away.

The boy was not surprised but pleased and quickly swam forward with the dark current.

The arrow rain from behind continued to chase, but it was not enough to threaten him anymore. It was dispersed by the impact of the dark current.

The boy in gorgeous clothes secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but his movements did not relax. He quickly dived to the bottom of the river and continued to swim forward with all his strength.

The farther he escaped, the more likely he would survive.

In a blink of an eye, he had traveled half a stick of incense underwater, and there was no movement behind him.

However, he had been holding his breath for so long that he was about to run out of air. His chest felt like thunder was rumbling, and his head was swollen. He was about to take the risk of floating up to breathe.

Suddenly, the dark current around him became several times stronger, and he could hear the loud rushing sound even underwater. The boy could not stabilize his body, and he was directly swept away.

The rushing sound of the river ahead became louder, like a water dragon coiling and forming a dark current vortex dozens of feet in size.

Many jagged reefs stood in it, like the teeth of a giant beast, tearing and swallowing everything.

The boy in gorgeous clothes was shocked. Although he was good at swimming, he was now seriously injured and running out of breath. If he was swept into such a huge dark current vortex, he would undoubtedly die.

In panic, he quickly inserted his hands into the soil below, trying to grab something to stabilize his body. His right hand touched a hard object, which seemed to be a reef.

The boy used all his strength to hold onto the object, and his body stopped slightly, which was swept away by the current.

However, the object in his hand was not strong enough. Before he could stabilize his body completely, it fell off from the soil under the river, and he was thrown heavily onto a black reef.

The boy could no longer hold on. He spurted out a mouthful of blood mixed with bubbles, and blood flowed out from many arrow wounds all over his body.

At this moment, he felt as if his bones were falling apart, and his head was getting heavier. In addition to his exhausted breath, he had no strength to resist. He was about to be completely swallowed by the huge vortex.

Suddenly, a green light lit up from his right hand, illuminating the sea floor within a few feet. The turbulent dark current vortex suddenly calmed down and disappeared without a sound.

Everything around him became silent at this moment.

The boy in gorgeous clothes vaguely felt a cool feeling entering his head, which refreshed his spirit and relieved the feeling of suffocation. He looked at his right hand in surprise.

Faintly, the glowing object was the antique green incense burner he had just picked up. The blood flowing from his right hand wound was winding around the incense burner, and quickly seeping into it.The young man was about to take a closer look when the green light on the censer suddenly burst forth.

His mind felt like it had been struck with a heavy blow, even stronger than when he had just collided with the reef. At this moment, a series of bizarre images began to churn in his mind.

The torn sky and the scarred earth…

Under the blood-red sun, the west wind whipped up thousands of miles of raging sand. A huge creature, covered in sharp spikes and claws and resembling a snake but not quite, twisted its body, rolling up and down, with lightning gathering around it…

A giant figure, half-naked and covered in strange tattoos, was bound to a towering cliff that reached straight into the sky. Its eyes were tightly closed, and two dried bloodstains marked its tears…

The stars in the sky shattered in an instant, and the moon dimmed as well, leaving only endless darkness in the world…

These images flashed through the young man’s mind, seemingly leaving no trace behind.

Before any thoughts could rise in the young man’s heart, he lost consciousness in an instant.

The green censer turned into a green shadow and merged into his right arm, becoming a faint green mark…

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