Chapter 70 – Dimensional reduction

Today, the boss didn’t look good, I wonder who touched his mold again.

The old employees looked secretive and whispered in low voices.

Lu Yao couldn’t fit in with the group and didn’t bother to inquire.

Near the end of work, Sister Peng, who hadn’t been seen for a few days, hurriedly came. Judging from her expression, her mood wasn’t very good.

She stayed in the boss’s office for a while and then started tidying up her desk after coming out.

Lu Yao wondered.

Could it be that Sister Peng is quitting?

Thinking that another person who could work in the company would leave, Lu Yao couldn’t help but feel sad.

With only a group of insects left, how could they do a good job?

He tentatively asked, but received an unexpected answer.

“There was a thief in the company, someone broke into the company safe,” Sister Peng said in a low voice.

Lu Yao frowned, “Really? The surveillance is on 24 hours…”

Sister Peng had a serious expression, “Not only the safe, but there are also signs of drawers, folders, and cabinets being tampered with.”

“To be able to avoid detection by the surveillance and silently search through the company’s things, there is only one possibility…”

Sister Peng stopped there.

Lu Yao understood what she meant.

To be able to avoid surveillance and accurately search for various company information and documents, the most likely possibility was that there was a mole.

But Lu Yao had already stepped out of the mindset of an ordinary person.

He could also achieve this using the items in the simulator.

Investigating and pursuing cases was the work of the police and the committee. Lu Yao followed the principle of a junior worker: even if I don’t do anything, I must not make mistakes.

Back at home, it was godly time.

Lu Yao sat in front of the computer, feeling much more relaxed.

He opened a box of fried tofu and a braised chicken leg that he bought on the way, and opened a bottle of cold cola.

This was today’s dinner.

On the screen, a few reminders caught Lu Yao’s attention.

[The Garlic Tribe has invented astronomical navigation.]

[The Garlic Tribe has discovered a new continent.]

[The Garlic Tribe has surveyed the new continent.]

The Garlic Tribe already had astrology and navigation, so it was normal for them to develop further with astronomical navigation.

With the birth of astronomical navigation, a world map appeared on the right side of the game interface.

Although the map was made up of rough pixels, Lu Yao could immediately see the central West Continent and the two large islands to the south of the sea.

To the east of the world map, there was also a slightly smaller land.

With the large map, Lu Yao could switch positions much faster by dragging the mouse.

The perspective instantly switched to above the East Continent.

Unlike the forests and mountains of the West Continent, the majority of the East Continent was grasslands and marshes. Several rivers meandered through the grasslands and eventually flowed into the ocean.

There was an animal on the grassland that Lu Yao had been longing for.


Finally, there would be horses!

In addition to wild horses, there were also herds of wild buffalo, antelopes, wolf packs, lion packs, and other abundant animal species and numbers on the grassland.

Lu Yao was about to order his little people to catch horses when he suddenly noticed a group of wild people.

This group of wild people lived in a crude village surrounded by giant rocks. They worshipped a white statue, which sat on the ground, and the wild people bowed and worshipped around it.

Divine players?

There were players on this continent?

Lu Yao examined the local environment.

The wild people tribe was in a relatively primitive stage. The little people were still using leaves to cover themselves and holding spears made from tree branches. They had bows and arrows, but lived in semi-spherical houses made of mud and thatched grass.

It was worth mentioning that the wild people tribe had three advantages.

First, they controlled horses. The wild people could already ride horses for hunting, making their movements fast.

Second, they had domesticated dogs.

Third, they knew how to make pottery, mastering this important technology that Lu Yao had overlooked.

The wild people tribe also had many disadvantages.

Their cultivated land area was too small, with only a few farmers and a limited variety and quantity of crops. They were extremely dependent on meat.

Many wild people had vomiting emoticons floating above their heads, indicating that they were plagued by diseases. The tribe lacked the profession of a pharmacist, and it could be due to problems with the water source or food.

There were no grazing animals around the wild people tribe anymore, and they had to go far away to hunt. Those places were basically inhabited by other hunters, including wolf packs and lions.

Fortunately, they had bows and arrows, and the advantage of range allowed the wild people to continuously expand their territory and drive away other beasts.

But on this grassland, the true top of the food chain was not the lions, but a monster called the “Blazing Turkey.”

The level of the Blazing Turkey ranged from LV5 to LV10. They were not large in size, but they had bright and lush red feathers all over their bodies and could run extremely fast.

Blazing Turkeys were fierce and combative, and no animal could make eye contact with them without being attacked.

When they got angry, they would ignite themselves, burning not only their enemies but also the grassland and trees along the way, making them a fire-starting monster on the grassland.

Lu Yao noticed that a group of wild people had targeted a Blazing Turkey. They held bows and arrows and launched a long-range sneak attack on this dangerous monster.The fiery chicken charged headlong into the arrows, setting several savages ablaze and rolling on the ground, eventually burning alive on the prairie.

Lu Yao observed carefully for a while and found that the savages did not fail every time.

Facing the fiery chicken of around LV5, the savages also had successful kills. However, they had to pay a heavy price, with hunters always being killed or seriously injured.

After killing the fiery chicken, the savages would carry the creature back to the village, where the prophet would offer it as a sacrifice to the idol. They referred to this player as the “Yangwu God”.

Lu Yao roughly understood.

It seemed that the player was giving orders to the savages to hunt the fiery chicken. So even if many people died each time and the hunting success rate was low, the savages would still desperately attack this powerful creature.

Lu Yao stroked his chin.

All he could say was that your luck wasn’t very good, and you happened to be matched in the same region as me.

The gap was all-encompassing.

With the help of astronomical navigation, Lu Yao could easily pinpoint every location on this continent using the large map. He could observe every move of every little person here.

And neither the little people nor the player had any idea.

There was also a huge gap between the two tribal civilizations.

This place was still in the Stone Age. The Garlic Tribe had already started using copper and iron, casting armor and metal weapons, and had a wealth of combat experience and technical reserves.

Just by using paddle sailboats to blockade the coast, they could lock the savages on this land.

However, all these were within the reach of human power.

They could fight, but there was no need.

Lu Yao repeatedly simulated and deduced in his mind, confirming that his strategy had no obvious flaws.

Then he took action.

He directly selected “Lightning”.

The first lightning strike landed on the head of the prophet of the savage tribe.

The blue light fell, and the unsuspecting prophet was instantly turned into ashes. With the death of the prophet, the connection between the savage tribe and the gods was directly severed.

The divine punishment from the sky scared the surrounding savages into scattering and fleeing.

“The god, the god is angry!”


“The god is unhappy!”

“The fiery chicken is not good, the sacrifice is not good!”

“The prophet has been executed, the prophet is dead!”

Lu Yao didn’t stop, directly casting 50 “Lightning” strikes to bomb the idol in the center of the village.

In the continuous flashes of lightning, a white light barrier appeared on the idol. However, this barrier only lasted for a second before it shattered and disappeared.

The unprotected idol was bombarded into dust by the group of lightning, turning into a pile of gray-white powder.

A prompt appeared in the Simulator.

“The faith of the Yangwu God has completely disappeared nearby, and His followers will begin to look for a new god.”

Lu Yao was basically satisfied with the results of this blitzkrieg.

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