Chapter 50 – When humans think, God laughs

After treating Isabella to a simple celebration feast, Lu Yao sent her back to the pixel world.

The reason was the Blood Knight.

Speaking of this newly acquired level 60 Apostle, Lu Yao had mixed feelings.

He was pleased with his level and abilities.

The Blood Knight, Neville, had a solid attribute panel, strong and tough, capable of both offense and defense. His skills, “Corruption Creation” and exclusive ability “Flesh Weakness,” were divine techniques for recruiting and training soldiers.

However, Lu Yao was worried about Neville’s lack of intelligence.

Not long ago, Lu Yao gave the Blood Knight his first command.

– Eliminate the enemies around the castle.

“Yes, God Yao.”

The Blood Knight wielded his great sword and charged out of the castle, slashing at anyone he encountered, indiscriminately killing all living creatures in the vicinity.

In his eyes, enemies included not only wandering savages, corrupted beings without orders, escaped Salt Pool tribe merchants, loggers, salt workers, and shepherds…

Even the walking birds and passing rabbits did not escape the knight’s deadly hands.

As long as they were not followers of God Yao, the Blood Knight would kill them on sight.

Lu Yao was dumbfounded.

He quickly ordered him to stop and asked the Blood Knight.

– What are you doing?

“Eliminating enemies.”

– Are civilians and birds dangerous?

“Dangerous civilians, dangerous birds.”

Lu Yao felt that something was wrong.

Perhaps due to the lack of the basic ability “Wisdom,” Neville did not possess Isabella’s intelligence and proactive thinking abilities.

He was more like a highly-leveled special soldier, faithfully executing combat orders.

But asking him to make creative changes and breakthroughs on his own? Sorry, he couldn’t do it.

Lu Yao finally understood.

Neville’s level was so high, yet the “Whistleblower” only bestowed him with the identity of a hero and did not transform him into an Apostle. This indeed made sense…

But it couldn’t be forced.

Everyone has their own expertise. Although the Blood Knight’s brain wasn’t very useful, his fists were strong. If he truly was an all-rounded hexagonal warrior, Lu Yao estimated that he wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Lu Yao had a clear position for Neville: a synthetic soldier factory, a training machine, and a powerful fighter.

These three roles didn’t require much intelligence, just the ability to follow orders.

Due to the Blood Knight’s inherent flaws, he lacked initiative and was rigidly dogmatic, making him completely unsuitable for flexible exploration and pioneering tasks.

So Lu Yao had him stationed at the castle, training the corrupted beings and waiting for further orders.

Lu Yao moved the mouse and stopped the perspective above the Salt Pool tribe.

With the recruitment of the Blood Knight Neville, the Salt Pool tribe became a thing of the past.

Under Isabella’s guidance, the Garlic tribe came here and took over the industries and houses of the Salt Pool tribe.

Most of the Salt Pool tribe’s people chose to join, causing the population of the Garlic tribe to skyrocket from over 600 to 2151.

In addition to the significant increase in population, the Garlic tribe also gained a group of merchants and acquired two previously unavailable precious resources: salt pools and walking birds.

The importance of salt pools was self-evident, as they were not only a necessity for the tribe’s human life but also an important raw material for the Blood Knight to create corrupted beings.

As for the walking birds, they had two attributes: meat and feathers.

Meat was an important part of their food.

The shepherds of the Salt Pool tribe would collect the feathers of the walking birds and make them into feathered clothes. Feathered clothes provided warmth and were a common commodity, similar to down jackets in the tribal era.

As for transcendent powers, Lu Yao took control of the corrupted legion.

The Blood Knight reorganized the corrupted beings. After numerous battles and losses, there were only 12 remaining corrupted beings, with levels ranging from LV10 to LV13.

What slightly saddened Lu Yao was the death of the giant, Freist.

Isabella’s “Final Prayer” couldn’t take effect. The reason might be that the soul of this chief Apostle of the Forest God had already been captured or completely destroyed by the “Whistleblower.”

Then, Lu Yao observed the surrounding environment.

There were no other human forces nearby. With the Blood Knight guarding the castle, the quality of the corrupted beings was more important than their quantity.

He ordered the Blood Knight to focus most of his energy on training, using “Flesh Weakness” to train this batch of corrupted beings, striving to cultivate an advanced version of the “Decay Guard” as soon as possible.

At this point, Lu Yao had control over most of this land.

The Salt Pool settlement in the west, the Garlic tribe in the center, and the ghost city of Sanilo in the south were all connected.

Only the dense forest in the north and the misty area remained.

The vast northern region was inhabited by forest elemental creatures, but with the presence of tree people, as well as lynxes and wolf packs, the defense line was solid.

The task of continuing to explore the forest fell on Isabella.

While Isabella was mapping, Lu Yao also had his own work.

As a god, his job was to focus on the development of the civilization of faith and find suitable “blessings” to remotely assist the people of the tribe.Before, Lu Yao had always been on high alert, either staring at the altar of the “Skin Peeler” or observing the Blood Knights.

He only noticed the disappearance of the hammer in the “Gift” afterwards.

Lu Yao fell into thought.

In the past, he had always followed the general trajectory of human civilization to promote the tribes of the pixel world.

What kind of reaction would there be if he sent them something they couldn’t understand?

Now that the situation was stable, he could give it a try.

Lu Yao rummaged through a cabinet and found a Tongji version of “Advanced Mathematics”.

He placed the book on the mouse and sent it into the pixel world, then waited anxiously for the reaction on the other side.

A moment later, the little people around the temple were the first to scream.

“Gift from the gods!”

“The gods have bestowed the gospel again!”

“What is this?”


“I can’t understand it at all.”

“What on earth is this?”

“Text, symbols, pictures… connected… don’t understand… can’t comprehend… too profound.”

Lu Yao wanted to laugh.

Don’t mention you guys, if you ask me to read it now, I can’t understand many parts. I’ve long forgotten.

Question marks popped up above the heads of the tribal little people, and they had various thoughts about the latest divine gift.

“Perhaps this is a divine book left by the gods, telling how to become a god… I must understand this book, maybe I can be on par with the gods!”

“This book is strange. The symbols and text inside should have recorded something. It could be the history of the gods, or it could be a revelation that can predict the future. No matter how much time it takes, I have to translate it.”

“Divine text! It’s divine text on it! Damn it, why can’t I understand… Forget it, I’ll continue reading tomorrow. I’m going fishing first.”

“The prophet is dead, no one can understand the will of the gods anymore. Prophet, you died so miserably.”

“Apostle must understand. I want to copy this divine book, if I can meet the Apostle, ask her for advice. The Apostle is so beautiful, she must understand everything…”

Now, the person closest to the gods in the tribe is the astrologer Shah Khan.

A box also appeared above his head: “Could it be that what is recorded above is the essence of the belief in gods, and we need to interpret it and then spread it to various places?”

Watching the many speculations of these pixel little people, Lu Yao thought of an old saying: When humans think, God laughs.

To be honest.


He just did an experiment.

In the Garlic Tribe, there was one person who didn’t want to decipher “Advanced Mathematics”. His perspective was different from most people.

“This thin and soft book is made of grass.”

The inventor of the paddle boat, the genius young man Fish Lian said, “I want to take it apart, maybe I can make something like this.”


Across from him, the old leader Fish Zou didn’t say a word.

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