Chapter 47 – Take down the Blood Knight

After Lu Yao clicked, the screen turned pitch black.

After a swirling transition animation, the game interface turned into a wilderness.

The words “Golden Wilderness” slowly appeared in the center of the top.

The wilderness was filled with golden leaves and flowers, and all the plants swayed gently in the wind, exuding a subtle sense of holiness.

In the center of the screen was a giant tree that pierced through the heavens and the earth, with branches extending to the sky and flickering lights on the tree. Lu Yao thought, this should be the Silvanus Tree.

He tried clicking on the giant tree.

Three cards flew out of the tree, each with a different pattern and description.

The “Apostle’s Mark” was a white stone slab.

The “Whispering Robe LV5” was a robe woven from leaves.

The “Treefolk Seed” was a brown fruit core.

Lu Yao moved the mouse over the three items, and their respective characteristics and descriptions also appeared.

“Apostle’s Mark: Choose a voluntary target and transform them into an apostle.”

“Whispering Robe LV5: Randomly obtain an ancient spell from the robe. Either expel it or be expelled by it.”

“Treefolk Seed: Plant it in the forest and harvest a loyal treefolk.”

Among the three treasures, Lu Yao first ruled out the Treefolk Seed. Isabella had already created a treefolk, so having another one wouldn’t make much sense.

That left him with a choice between the Apostle’s Mark and the Whispering Robe LV5.

Deep down, Lu Yao was more inclined to choose the Whispering Robe.

This item was currently the highest-level treasure he had seen. The Whispering Robe also came with a “living spell,” which seemed to be able to continuously enhance and have growth attributes.

However, the latter half of the description made Lu Yao hesitate a bit.

Either expel it or be expelled by it.

This meant that the spell had its own consciousness and self. It might help the novice god player, but it could also backstab at a critical moment. The uncertainty of drawing a card made Lu Yao a bit conflicted. It seemed that the only way to obtain stable returns was the Apostle’s Mark.

With this special item, Lu Yao could obtain another apostle and find a deputy for Isabella, so she wouldn’t have to do everything.

Wait a minute…

A second apostle?

Lu Yao right-clicked on the “Golden Wilderness” and temporarily exited this map interface.

He typed a line of text in the dialogue box above Isabella’s head, asking about the feasibility of his idea.


Isabella pondered for a moment before giving a cautious reply, “My lord, the Apostle’s Mark is a mark that will be generated after the completion of a wonder. It is very precious in itself.”

“It is feasible to use it on the Blood Knight.”

“However, because there is a conversion of the divine camp and the need to repair his current loss of sanity and imminent collapse, it will consume a lot of faith power.”

Lu Yao only focused on the key point.


He clicked on the “Golden Wilderness” again and double-clicked on the Apostle’s Mark.

“Do you want to choose the Apostle’s Mark?”

Lu Yao clicked “Yes.”

Then the white stone slab turned into a white light and floated in the upper left corner of the screen.

Apostle’s Mark: 1

At the same time, the other two item cards flew back into the canopy of the tree. Lu Yao tried to intercept them, but failed.

The giant tree on the Golden Wilderness dispersed into numerous pixel particles and disappeared without a trace. Only the endless golden field remained on the ground.

A line of text appeared on the screen.

“The Silvanus Tree has fallen into slumber.”

“The forest yearns for growth. Please cultivate the Soul of the Forest, and the Silvanus Tree will once again bestow treasures in gratitude.”

Lu Yao remembered that Frist could summon the Soul of the Forest. What exactly was this Soul of the Forest?

He asked Isabella.

“My lord, the Soul of the Forest is born from the treefolk.”

Isabella explained, “It is the will formed by the condensation of forest elemental creatures, a special life form.”

“Only in areas where a large number of forest elemental creatures exist will the Soul of the Forest be nurtured. It will be born in the form of merging with the treefolk.”

Lu Yao understood. It was an elite monster of forest elemental creatures.

It required various trees and the presence of treefolk and a large number of forest elemental creatures as prerequisites to meet its birth conditions.

This had to be left to fate. Lu Yao rubbed his hands together. The next step was the most important today.

He clicked on the “Apostle’s Mark” in the upper left corner and moved it behind Isabella’s Blood Knight.

A reminder popped up on the game interface.

– To convert it into an apostle of your temple, it will consume a large amount of faith power. Do you want to consume 3000 faith points to convert the apostle?

[Yes] [No]

Without hesitation, Lu Yao clicked “Yes.” He didn’t lack anything except for this bit of faith! Besides, he wouldn’t be building wonders in the short term.

The faith value in the upper right corner plummeted again, leaving only a little over 1000.

Two lines of subtitles appeared on the screen.

– The lost apostle heard your call. Your faith power has repaired his broken body and dried-up soul, and he is rapidly recovering from the brink of death.

– [Apostle] Blood Knight Neville, following your will, executing your divine oracle, and fighting for the fire of your faith.

The originally lifeless Blood Knight underwent a transformation, and all the dirt and desolation on his body disappeared. He knelt on one knee in front of Lu Yao’s screen, and a dialogue box appeared above his head.”By the gods, Neville, I offer you all my loyalty and faith.”

【Your second Apostle has been born, the faith of the Garlic Tribe has become even stronger.】

Lu Yao couldn’t wait to open Neville’s panel.


【Apostle LV60】Blood Knight·Neville.

Health: 3850/3850

Mana: 937/937

Damage: 124

Defense: 68

Speed: 16

【Thick Skin】Innately possesses high health.

【Indestructible】Has special resistance to ranged damage.

【Mobile Casting】Can cast spells while moving, at the cost of slower speed.

【Corruption Creation】(10 Mana) Creates Corruptors using corpses and salt, the strength of the Corruptors is related to the corpses.

【Enchantment LV25】(25 Mana/sec) Attacks carry mana damage.

【Flesh Weakness LV2】(150 Mana).

【Neville’s Exclusive Ability】The Whistleblower grants Neville the ability to form an army. Neville can train and inspire to upgrade the rank of the Corruptors, evolving a more elite Rotten Guard.


Lu Yao laughed heartily, excitedly performing a set of Wing Chun in the air. A level 60 Apostle without any nerfs! This is the value and result of deeply cultivating the newbie village!

In this fragment world that is still a safe zone, possessing a LV60 Blood Knight Neville, what concept is this? It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s a mini invincible, right?

Lu Yao took a big gulp of iced cola, played New Pants’ “Don’t Ask Me What Disco Is” and danced alone in his rented room.

The simple joy of playing computer games seemed to have returned all at once.

Of course, because he was invincible, he was happy.

The invincibility now was all operated step by step by himself.

I, Lu Yao, have grown all the way, all thanks to my own efforts to stay up late!

Just as Lu Yao was carefully examining Neville’s panel data, a new prompt appeared on the screen.

【The Whistleblower shows hostility towards you.】

【The Whistleblower’s faction sees you as an enemy.】

Lu Yao sneered, playing with the 【Energy Wand】 in his hand.

Anyway, Neville is already in hand, this is my home court. As long as I don’t go out, do you dare to come here?

Come to the Garlic Tribe’s territory, don’t let me see you, if I see your statue, I must smash it, I must slap your face.


After being pleased, Lu Yao was a bit uncertain.

Safe zone… it should be safe, right?

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