Chapter 30 – Isabella Detective

The population growth in the simulator increased Lu Yao’s perception ability. As a result, he was able to capture details that he had never noticed before, and most of the unusual things were concentrated on Yu Yao.

Yu Yao had never spoken to Lu Yao, and Zhou Qiang explained that she was introverted.

She always cooked in the middle of the night and hummed strange tunes in the kitchen.

There was always a faint smell of blood on Yu Yao, indicating that she had deliberately cleaned up the traces on her body. But the smell of blood in her mouth was the strongest and the most difficult to eliminate.

The smell of blood not only appeared on her body but also in the kitchen sink, bathroom, and even in the trash bags in the living room. All of these were related to Yu Yao’s personal trajectory.

Zhou Qiang didn’t notice anything unusual.

Lu Yao felt that there was a strange aura on Yu Yao, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

And investigating alone also made him feel dangerous.

So Lu Yao decided to bring in a professional.

There was no evidence or proof of crime in this matter, so it was inconvenient to trouble the police.

With a simple computer summoning ritual, Isabella knelt on the computer desk again.

“Great God, Isabella has come in accordance with your will.”

Unlike the previous panic, the girl apostle was much calmer this time.

“There is a suspicious person now. She has gone out to watch a movie with a friend of mine, and it will take about two and a half hours, so I called you here…”

Lu Yao explained the situation to her.

“That’s the situation. Find out about her background.”

“Yes, my lord.”

After speaking, Isabella followed Lu Yao’s request and started changing clothes.

Lu Yao conscientiously walked outside and said through the door, “Has my perception ability improved so quickly due to the feedback from the population growth?”

Isabella’s voice came from inside, “My lord, for the gods in the high-dimensional space, the population in the low-dimensional space is the second body of the gods, and faith is the extension of the gods’ power to the outside world.”

Lu Yao asked her, “What would happen if the population was zero?”

“My lord, even if the temple of the gods is completely destroyed, it is difficult for the believers to be completely wiped out, because once faith begins to spread, it will spread all over the world, not only among humans but also among some intelligent beings.”

“Faith itself will not completely disappear, but it will become very weak and difficult to gather in large quantities again, just like seeds scattered everywhere.”

“As long as the gods use the power of faith to let the believers rebuild the temple, they can make a comeback.”

Lu Yao understood.

The hero starts over.

That’s the case with Lisa.

“It is said that in the war of the gods on the temple, some gods will be completely wiped out of faith and all believers.”

Isabella continued, “In the war of the gods, the faith of some gods will suffer devastating blows. These gods who are completely expelled are the old gods.”

Lu Yao silently remembered.

That was after the temple of the gods, he had to get rid of the identity of a novice god.

Now he was still a protected new player.

Normally, the safe zone was still relatively safe.

The closest case was Lisa, who was arrested. After her wonder was destroyed, she fell back to the safe zone and had to start from scratch in the barbarian tribe.

Lu Yao now understood Lisa’s urgency.

The population growth brought incredible physical enhancement, but the loss of a large number of population and faith suddenly made the god players fall from the peak to the bottom.

People are always the least tolerant of loss.

Isabella put on a gray hoodie, put on sunglasses, and dressed like a normal girl.

The investigation began.

She clasped her hands together, bowed her head, and recited a low prayer in her mouth.

Lu Yao couldn’t understand, but he could feel it. Something was emanating from Isabella and interacting with the surrounding world, like a stone thrown into calm water.

Gradually, a white halo appeared around Isabella. It was not accurate to call it a halo, but more like a flowing milky white mist.

This was her ability, Lingering Prayer.

Unlike the simplified white light in the pixel world, everything in the real world was clear and visible. Especially with Lu Yao’s enhanced perception, he could clearly see those subtle processes and changes.

The white mist on Isabella merged into the walls and floor.

Gradually, strands of black smoke appeared in the room. These black smoke was very small, and if you didn’t look carefully, you would think they were black lines floating and swaying upwards.

The black lines intertwined with each other, condensing into a constantly changing black mist.

Isabella said a few words to the black mist, but she didn’t make a sound, and Lu Yao could only see her lips moving.

Soon, the black mist disappeared without a trace.

Isabella turned her face and explained to Lu Yao, “My lord, the deceased here said that the woman is eating raw meat and drinking blood.”

“Every night, she cooks here while eating raw meat and sucking the blood stains on the meat.”

“The most she eats is raw fish.”

Lu Yao scratched his head.

Could it be that he was overthinking?

He heard that in some places, including eating raw meat as a local custom, it was even considered a delicacy for the locals.

It’s possible that Yu Yao came from those places. Because she was afraid of being discovered by Zhou Qiang and himself drinking blood and eating raw meat, she secretly hid and ate raw meat.”Sir, there’s a scent of a demon believer.”

Isabella looked out the window at the street, her gaze sharpening.

Lu Yao followed her gaze.

On the street, Zhou Qiang and Yu Yao were holding hands and walking back. The target of Isabella’s gaze was Yu Yao among them.

“Should we execute the target?”

“Hold on… Yu Yao is a demon believer?”

“Yes, sir. As an Apostle, although I can’t identify the true form of a god, I can see the spark of faith. She doesn’t have any tools to disguise or hide it, the spark within her is very obvious.”

The thing Lu Yao was most worried about had happened.

He immediately said, “Control her. Find out her purpose and identity.”


Isabella plucked out her left eye and handed it to Lu Yao, then she pushed the door and went downstairs.

Lu Yao locked the bedroom door and began to observe remotely through the eyeball.

On the street.

Isabella and Zhou Qiang passed by each other, Yu Yao’s face changed. It seemed that she had recognized Isabella’s identity, her lips tightened, and she unconsciously gripped Zhou Qiang’s hand tighter.

“Long time no see, let’s talk.”

Isabella stopped beside Yu Yao.

Zhou Qiang was surprised and looked at Yu Yao, “Do you know each other?”

Yu Yao forced a smile on her face, “She’s a distant cousin of mine.”

“You go ahead, I’ll chat with my cousin.”

Zhou Qiang nodded and walked away.

“Follow me.”

Isabella led the way, and Yu Yao followed silently.

The two walked into a corner of a parking alley nearby. Even in the daytime, it was deserted, with no surveillance cameras, and the dirty cars became natural barriers.

Isabella walked to the last scrapped car, grabbed the handle of the rear car door, and with a creak, forcefully pulled the door open.


The two sat in the car, one after the other.


“Can you give me three days?” Yu Yao asked, “Can I live for three more days?”

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