Chapter 12 – Wait a moment

The stone coffin shattered, and after the dust settled, a girl wrapped in a black robe appeared.

Isabella had her eyes covered with a black cloth, her seaweed-like green hair tied behind her head. Her body became soft again, and the cracks on her cheeks disappeared without a trace.

She knelt on one knee in the temple, her long black robe trailing on the ground.

But she was not facing the statue, but Lu Yao on the screen.

“Oh, God Yao, Isabella offers you all her loyalty and faith.”

【Your first apostle is born, and the faith of the Garlic Tribe becomes stronger.】

【The appearance of the apostle allows your faith to be known by more people.】

【The gift is complete, and the bow and arrow merge into the world.】

Lu Yao’s attention was now focused on Isabella’s personal panel.

【Apostle Lv15】Sword of the Forest·Isabella

Attack 20 Defense 20 Knowledge 30 Mana 30 Luck 0 Morale 0


Wisdom Lv15: Wisdom is the key for the apostle to listen to the will of the gods. The higher the level of wisdom, the easier it is to enhance and comprehend various abilities.

Last Prayer Lv5: Pray to the Sea of Last Moments, temporarily awaken the sleeping dead, and obtain their help. The type of dead depends on the level of ability and mana.

Sword of the Forest Lv1: 【Isabella’s exclusive ability】 Isabella summons the Holy Sword, fully enhancing combat attributes. The duration and enhancement depend on the level of ability and mana. After the battle, Isabella will create some forest elemental creatures, the number and type of which depend on the level of ability and the strength of the opponent.

Lu Yao was exhilarated by the data and abilities.

Named characters were truly different.

Isabella’s data was completely out of place compared to the other members of the Garlic Tribe.

It was like an advanced player from the world map coming to a beginner’s village. If she were to fight against ordinary heroes, it would be cruel.

Not only were Isabella’s six attributes balanced and outstanding, but her three special abilities were also remarkable.

Wisdom was a very useful basic skill, a prerequisite for enhancing various abilities, like an accelerator for abilities.

Last Prayer meant that Isabella was a summoner of undead mages.

Sword of the Forest was Isabella’s unique skill, a divine technique.

The ability to directly create elemental creatures after battle without any other cost, just by fighting and nurturing, could bring forth an elite army.

Lu Yao was excited and couldn’t help but laugh.

He also noticed that there was a dialogue box above Isabella’s head. The peculiar thing about this dialogue box was that there was not a single word inside, only a long ______.

Lu Yao remembered the description of the temple.

Wisdom is the key for the apostle to listen to the will of the gods…

The apostle carries out the will and commands of the gods, able to directly hear the voice of the gods, the vessel through which the gods descend into the world…

Could it be?

He tried typing.

– Isabella, can you see?

Isabella maintained her kneeling posture, and another dialogue box appeared above her head.

“Oh, God, Isabella has heard your will.”

– Why do you cover your eyes?

“My eyes have lost their vitality and sometimes fall out of their sockets, so I bind them to avoid frightening others.”

Lu Yao thought to himself, as expected.

This was the true difference between apostles and other elemental beings.

They could have conversations with god players like himself across dimensions.

In that case…

Lu Yao quickly typed on the keyboard.

– How did the Forest God you follow fall?

“The flame of faith disappeared, and the memories of the gods were erased.”

– What is the fastest way for you to level up?

“The power of faith is the fastest way for apostles to level up, but it requires a huge amount of faith. Usually, apostles collect faith in the world by carrying out the commands of the gods, exploring, battling, performing rituals, and gaining insights to level up.”

Lu Yao tried it out and found that clicking on Isabella’s level above her head would bring up an option. He could quickly level her up by burning faith.

But the cost was extremely high.

Just to raise Isabella to level 16, it would require 1500 faith.

Compared to this, it was incredibly worth it to have Isabella at level 15 with 500 faith.

Chatting with the apostle through typing felt somewhat magical to Lu Yao, reminding him of the first time he chatted with a stranger online when he was a child, a mix of novelty and anticipation.

– Isabella, how old are you this year?

“Oh, God, I can’t remember my exact age.”

– Were you a normal person before becoming an apostle?

“I have no memories.”

– What do you think of the Garlic Tribe?

“A relatively primitive tribe, with a small population and undeveloped civilization, very backward.”

– Can you come to my world?

“Others can’t, but apostles can.”

“This requires you to place me as a sacrifice in the temple, and I will come to your divine realm. You will treat me as a gift, and I will return to the temple.”

“But I request that you not do this. Because every gift and sacrifice is extremely important, and every opportunity to increase faith in the battle of faith between the gods is precious. The more fervent your flame of faith, the more chance you have to control the entire world…”

“Huh? Uh, uh, what are you doing?”

“Wa-wait, wait a moment…”

In a panic, Isabella was directly dragged by Lu Yao with the mouse and thrown into the sacrificial slot.

– Do you accept the Sword of the Forest·Isabella?

– [Yes] [No]

Lu Yao clicked yes.

Then his vision blurred.

A slender girl wrapped in a black robe knelt on the computer desk. Her eyes were covered with a black cloth, and her pale little face was tense and trembling slightly.

“Oh, God, what do you want me to do…”

Isabella’s voice was very soft. Her accent was slightly strange, but she spoke pure Chinese, not knowing if this counted as a special ability of the apostle.

Lu Yao couldn’t help but find it funny.

Isabella, who appeared cold and solemn in the temple, suddenly changed in the real world, like a girl who had been abducted to a foreign land, looking helpless and pitiful.”Listen to me, Isabella.”

Lu Yao said seriously, “I called you here for a serious matter.”

“In this world, or what you would call the divine realm, there are demons lurking. One has already conducted three demonic rituals nearby. I brought you here to track him down and to protect my safety.”

Upon hearing this, Isabella immediately understood and calmed down.

She sat gracefully on the computer desk, her head slightly bowed, and said, “I will follow your command. I will find the demon and protect your safety, my lord.”

Lu Yao asked, “Can you still use your abilities here?”

“Yes. The power nurtured by the flame of faith can transcend dimensions.”

“That’s good, you can get down now.”


Isabella gently jumped down from the desk.

She was about 1.6 meters tall, with delicate and fair skin like porcelain. Her nose was slightly upturned, her lips were rosy, and her figure resembled that of a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl.

However, the girl was wearing a black robe that covered her body, and her eyes were covered with a black cloth, making her appearance quite conspicuous.

“Change your clothes first, otherwise the demon will find you before you find him.”


“Can you see with your eyes covered?”

“My lord, the power of faith serves as my eyes, clearer and more accurate than the naked eye.”

Lu Yao let Isabella choose from his clothes.

She chose a white shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of slippers, replacing the long and wide old black robe.

Lu Yao waited outside until she finished changing, then came back in.

Looking at the girl’s current appearance, Lu Yao nodded, “This looks much more normal. But it’s still missing something.”

He rummaged through the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap.

“Here, use these to replace the blindfold, okay?”


Isabella turned around, removed the blindfold from her eyes, and put on the sunglasses.


Lu Yao nodded in satisfaction. The oversized casual outfit, combined with Isabella’s green hair, black sunglasses, and baseball cap, gave her a street-style look.

Although the development of the tribe in the game is important, his own safety in the real world is the top priority. Isabella’s primary task is to ensure his personal safety.

Lu Yao had a general understanding of the Simulator. The war between the gods was brutal, and the old gods were fallen gods, all of which had happened in the pixel world.

If a demon player found him, the other party would definitely confine and control him, turning him into a tool for squeezing faith.

The frequent use of ordinary people for various demonic rituals indicates that some players no longer care about basic rules like modern law, and they could do anything.

The cactus fire could clean, but it had no combat power.

With Isabella guarding him, Lu Yao would be much safer.

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