Chapter 1 – Strange little game

After finishing work for the day, Lu Yao dragged his exhausted body back to his rented room. In a small company of about ten people, more than half were just there to pass time. Excluding the boss and partners, only three people were actually working. Only three months into the job, Lu Yao already felt like time was dragging on. But until he found a new job, he couldn’t quit. With the current economic situation, survival came first, and then he could think about his future.

At this time every day, Lu Yao had some relaxation time. He switched his mood and temporarily forgot about the unpleasantness of the day. It was time to play games! He opened his old computer, and his mouse moved slowly across the screen.

“What should I play today?LOL Ranked match? DOTA? Or Romance of the Three Kingdoms 9?”

An inconspicuous icon caught Lu Yao’s attention. The icon was in the bottom right corner of the screen, with a logo of a green pixelated island that blended in with the green grass background of the computer.

“Deity Simulator?” Lu Yao had no memory of downloading or purchasing this game. He clicked on the file properties to check, and saw that the source file was only 20MB, indicating that it was an old game. Lu Yao’s computer had low specifications, and he had been using it since college. He couldn’t bear to replace it, so he could only play League of Legends and Dota on the lowest graphics settings. For big games, he could only rely on cloud gaming and watching other people’s game videos. Most of the time, Lu Yao played various classic old games.

He tried to open the “Deity Simulator”. The screen slowly turned black. With the nostalgic 8-bit electronic music, white Chinese characters appeared one by one on the black screen.

“On this day, the world finally welcomed back the great God. Your arrival has given the world meaning again. Your greatness will create a new civilization.”

Then the black screen gradually disappeared, replaced by a group of little people building various buildings, some farming, and others cheering with raised arms. The pixelated graphics were refreshing and nostalgic, making Lu Yao feel relaxed.

Three white options appeared in the background.

[New Game]

[Continue Game]


Lu Yao clicked on [New Game]. The screen turned black again, with uniform green pixels appearing, like paint smears on a blackboard.

[World capture in progress…]

After about five seconds, the green pixels covered the screen.

[World positioning complete. Welcome, great God.]

The pixelated background changed again. A flat green land appeared on the screen, surrounded by forests, rivers, mountains, and deserts. In the center of the screen was a white dome-shaped building that looked like a temple.

A line of text appeared in the center of the screen: “This is your temple. Name it ___ Temple.”

Lu Yao thought for a moment and casually typed in “Yao God Temple”.The characters appeared above the temple.

Then the screen entered a strange stillness.

Lu Yao clicked on the temple, but there were no options.

What’s going on?

Which company made this old game without even a basic tutorial or guidance?

Just as he was wondering, two naked little people appeared in the corner of the screen. They moved over and walked around the temple.

One of the little people had an exclamation mark on his head, and then a dialogue box appeared.

“What an exquisite and magnificent house, this must have been created by God.”

The other little person raised his hands.

“God, God!”

“This must be a revelation from God. This is a lucky place. We must let more people settle here!”

“The land of God’s promise! The land of God’s promise!”

Both little people had smiley faces on their heads. They ran out of the screen and, after a few seconds, came back with five more little people.

A total of seven little people began to worship around the temple. They built a small thatched hut next to the temple and transplanted some shrubs that looked like berries from outside the screen to live next to the temple.

At this time, a prompt appeared on the screen.

【You have obtained the first batch of believers in this world. The power of faith is the means for you to show miracles. Please collect more faith.】

Lu Yao noticed that there was a human head icon in the upper right corner, showing the population, and a palace icon next to it, showing faith. The population and faith values were both 7.

It seems that one believer will provide one point of faith.

He clicked on the population with the mouse, but there was no response. Clicking on faith again, a mist-like icon appeared this time.


There is a row of options below, each with a corresponding simple drawing. All the miracles are grayed out, indicating that none of them can be used at present.

Each miracle requires a certain amount of faith. Even the least faith-consuming “Rainfall” requires 10 points of faith.

That is, there must be 10 believers to perform a miracle.

Increasing the population has become the top priority.

Unlike other simulation management games, the God Simulator cannot directly build houses or produce residents, and can only wait for pixelated little people to multiply or gather. The only option that can be operated at present is “Miracle”.

Lu Yao watched the pixelated little people farming and constantly tried to explore the screen with the mouse, his stomach growling.

He went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles and brought back a few cloves of garlic.

When he returned to the computer, Lu Yao noticed that the little people around the temple were showing an abnormal state. They had sad expressions on their heads and were worshiping around the temple one by one.

Dialogue boxes kept appearing above their heads.

“Great God, please show your power!”

“Please bless us! Great God!”

“The forest tribe thinks that we worship demons and wants to overthrow the temple. Please show your miracles!”

Lu Yao took a bite of noodles and thought to himself, it seemed like this was the first crisis.

However, his current faith value was only 7 points, not even enough to make it rain, so he couldn’t use the “miracle” option yet.

Lu Yao continued to explore, and finally clicked on the temple to open a new interface.

In the center of the screen was a stone bonfire, with a gray humanoid statue sitting in front of it. The statue’s face was blurry, making it impossible to tell if it was male or female. It seemed to be an imagined image of a deity in the form of a pixelated person.

In front of the statue was a long table with two differently shaped slots.

The larger slot on the left was labeled “Offering.”

The smaller one on the right was labeled “Blessing.”

Currently, both slots were empty.

Offerings were easy to understand, as they were naturally the items offered to the deity by the pixelated believers.

By correspondence, the Blessing should be the power or items given to these believers by the temple.

Could this be the miracle they were looking for?

Lu Yao searched and searched, but couldn’t find any movable or draggable items. He was a bit stumped, as he was already stuck on the first problem.

Suddenly, he noticed something strange.

The long table in front of the statue seemed very familiar.

Wait a minute…

Why did the table look exactly like his own computer desk?

The two slots, the Offering slot was shaped like a rectangular keyboard, and the Blessing slot was oval-shaped, like a mouse?

Upon closer inspection, the deity statue seemed to be sitting in front of the long table, as if it was him playing on the computer.

This idea startled Lu Yao.

It couldn’t be…

It must be a coincidence.

Then, a bold idea popped into his head.

He carefully placed a clove of garlic from his noodle bowl on top of his mouse.

Lu Yao looked at the mouse with great anticipation.

Two seconds later, the garlic clove rolled off the mouse.

“It really is just a coincidence.”

Lu Yao mocked himself, feeling a faint sense of disappointment in his heart.

At that moment, the fallen garlic clove suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Lu Yao instinctively looked at the computer screen.

In the temple’s “Blessing” slot, there was now a pixelated icon of garlic.

【Garlic】: A gift from the deity, a special spice, and also a kind of medicinal herb.

A line of text appeared on the screen.

– Do you want to give the 【Garlic】 to your believers?

【Yes】 【No】

Lu Yao’s hand holding the mouse trembled slightly.

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