Chapter 94 – Slash White

Mad Cao Yuan roared furiously, his figure darting over like lightning, the wooden sword in his hand suddenly swung out, and the black flames, like a crescent moon, slashed towards Instructor Han.

With empty hands, Instructor Han’s eyes narrowed slightly as he rolled to the side, avoiding the crescent moon, and at the same time, he reached back and picked up the straight sword that was on the ground.

With a light chant, the straight sword was unsheathed!

With the sword in hand, Instructor Han’s demeanor changed instantly.

His profound gaze seemed to penetrate Mad Cao Yuan’s movements. As Mad Cao Yuan flashed in front of him, he abruptly stepped back half a step and swung his sword sideways!


The wooden sword wrapped in black flames collided with Instructor Han’s straight sword, emitting a sound like metal striking metal. Mad Cao Yuan sneered and suddenly exerted force!

Instructor Han’s straight sword was parried by the wooden sword, but without a hint of panic, he accurately predicted Mad Cao Yuan’s next strike, easily dodged it, and then retreated several steps in succession, his eyes solemn.

“Qi Ye, wasn’t the Forbidden Ruin suppressed? How can Cao Yuan still use it?” Baili Pangpang whispered into Lin Qiye’s ear, puzzled.

“The higher the Sequence of the Forbidden Ruin, the weaker the effect of the suppression. It’s fine when it suppresses others, but Cao Yuan’s Sequence is too high, it can’t be fully suppressed.

Moreover, his Forbidden Ruin is very special. In a berserk state, even he can’t control himself, so the effect of the Forbidden Artifact is even smaller,” Lin Qiye shared his speculation.

“Doesn’t that mean the instructors’ Forbidden Ruins are also suppressed?” Baili Pangpang seemed to realize something, “So, does that mean only Cao Yuan can use the Forbidden Ruin right now, and Instructor Han is purely relying on combat skills to fight against Mad Cao Yuan?

That’s extremely dangerous!”

Lin Qiye did not answer, just silently watched the two people fighting fiercely on the stage, falling into silence.

“Everyone immediately evacuate the training ground!” After clashing swords with Mad Cao Yuan several times and being forced back by Cao Yuan’s immense strength, Instructor Han spoke to the recruits below in a deep voice.

With his keen eyesight, he naturally recognized the youth’s Forbidden Ruin and had a preliminary understanding of the current situation. No matter what, Cao Yuan was too dangerous now. The recruits whose Forbidden Ruins were suppressed were just ordinary people, and staying any longer could lead to accidents.

“Damn, I can’t sense my Forbidden Ruin…” Instructor Han gritted his teeth, continuously trying to use his Forbidden Ruin, but there was no response.

In a berserk state, Cao Yuan was a troublesome figure even for Wang Mian, without the ability to accelerate time, and without Yi Xuan’s Instructor Han, now purely relying on combat experience and skill to cope.

It was for this reason that Lin Qiye and the others witnessed the true strength of this unfortunate instructor!

No matter how fast Mad Cao Yuan was, Instructor Han could always predict his trajectory. The straight sword in his hand seemed to have a mind of its own, fluttering like a butterfly, accurately blocking every strike from Cao Yuan!

Unfortunately, while he could block the attacks, he couldn’t withstand the abnormal strength and the onslaught of the evil spirit flames!

The battle was simply unfair.

Amidst Mad Cao Yuan’s sneering laughter, Instructor Han could only barely protect himself, retreating step by step.

“Yaoguang.” Baili Pangpang put on his necklace, stretched out his chubby hand, and pointed towards the martial arts platform from afar.

Dazzling golden light converged into a beam, shooting out like an arrow, hitting the wooden sword’s blade heavily, then suddenly transformed into a golden rope, binding Mad Cao Yuan.

Mad Cao Yuan roared a few times, the black flames on his body burning more fiercely, and in just two seconds, he burned through the rope transformed by Yaoguang and broke free…

Then he turned his head to look at Baili Pangpang below the stage, revealing a ferocious expression.

Baili Pangpang’s body shook, and he took a half step back, swallowing his saliva…

“Brother Qiye, save me!”

Lin Qiye: …

“Give me the sword,” Lin Qiye said helplessly.

“Ah? Okay!” Baili Pangpang reached into his pocket and quickly rummaged through it.

At this moment, Mad Cao Yuan had already given up on Instructor Han, completely changing his target, and charged towards Baili Pangpang and Lin Qiye!

Instructor Han’s face changed drastically, “Run!!”

He kicked off with his legs, chasing after Mad Cao Yuan towards the two.

Lin Qiye frowned slightly as he stood there, a faint golden light emerging in his eyes, a powerful aura spreading out from him as the center.

“Found it!” Baili Pangpang pulled out a sword from his pocket, about the same length as the Star Sword, and handed it to Lin Qiye.

At this moment, Mad Cao Yuan’s black flames had already reached Lin Qiye’s face!

The wooden sword, carrying the evil spirit flames, cut through the air, heading straight for Baili Pangpang’s neck, and at that moment, a white Blade Aura suddenly flashed!


The wooden sword collided with the Blade Aura, forcefully blocking the invasion of the evil spirit flames, and Lin Qiye, with a backhand stir, fended off Cao Yuan’s wooden sword.

The shaken Baili Pangpang stood behind Lin Qiye, touching his wildly beating little heart.

“Damn… that scared the hell out of me!”

Lin Qiye let out a light exclamation, looking down at the sword in his hand, a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“I clearly didn’t touch the wooden sword just now, why…”

“This sword’s Forbidden Ruin is called ‘Little Slash White,’ a man-made Forbidden Ruin, an imitation of the divine weapon ‘Slash White’ with Sequence 061. When the sword is drawn, it can ignore a distance of five meters, not a particularly powerful Forbidden Artifact.”

Baili Pangpang patted his belly, “The real ‘Slash White’ is one of our family’s treasures. It’s said to be able to directly ignore a kilometer distance. Within a kilometer, a swing of the sword, and all things bow their heads.””Is it really that exaggerated?” Lin Qiye toyed with the miniature Slash White, expressing his surprise.

“Absolutely. There are only a few Forbidden Artifacts that our Zheng family treasures enough to collect. My old man guards them like they’re his life; I can’t even take a look at them.”

“It’s quite nice to use.”

Lin Qiye weighed the miniature Slash White in his hand and nodded in satisfaction.

Mad Cao Yuan let out a low growl, his gaze fixed on Lin Qiye as the malevolent aura and flames around his body intensified.

Lin Qiye sensed his stare and snorted coldly, staring back forcefully. Two golden furnaces erupted from his eyes!

Endless Divine Might poured directly into Mad Cao Yuan’s psyche. He grunted, took a half step back, and began to sway as if he were drunk.

“Hmm? It seems that Divine Might is unexpectedly effective against this guy…” Lin Qiye muttered to himself, then turned to Baili Pangpang, “That Seal Scroll from last time, give it to me again.”

“Okay.” Baili Pangpang took out a roll of tape from his pocket and handed it to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye held the miniature Slash White in his right hand and gently tore off a piece of the Seal Scroll with his teeth. His eyes shone like the blazing sun as he charged swiftly towards Mad Cao Yuan!

Five meters away from Mad Cao Yuan, Lin Qiye swung the miniature Slash White several times, dispersing the wooden sword from Cao Yuan’s grasp!

Cao Yuan roared in anger, his other hand forming a claw wrapped in malevolent flames, and he lunged at Lin Qiye like lightning!

Lin Qiye seemed to have completely anticipated his move, ducking slightly to avoid the claw. Then, with another swing of the miniature Slash White, he struck Cao Yuan’s elbow with the back of the blade!

Cao Yuan’s wooden sword flew from his hand!

Lin Qiye spun around swiftly, the majority of the Seal Scroll in his left hand wrapping around Cao Yuan’s neck several times, completely blocking the black flames before he yanked it down sharply!

Mad Cao Yuan fell to the ground with a thud!

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