Chapter 87 – Cheating

“Leader, who do you think will win… between the two of them?”

In the underground training facility, more than twenty instructors were gathered around a screen, not blinking an eye.

Before Yuan Gang could answer, another instructor said, “Do we even need to say? Lin Qiye may be a Deity’s Agent, but he’s still a rookie. He can’t win.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Honestly, Wang Mian’s Divine Ruin is incredibly strong, but that’s only after reaching a certain Boundary. In the ‘Zhan’ Boundary, his power is very limited. Plus, with Yiyuan sealed, Lin Qiye’s chances of winning are fifty-fifty.”

“You’re right. If Wang Mian were replaced by the Agent of Athena from the Phoenix team, Lin Qiye probably wouldn’t last five moves… After all, that’s a humanoid tyrannosaurus, and the power gap can’t be compensated for by speed alone.”

“In that case… what if Lin Qiye really wins?” one instructor couldn’t help muttering, “Should we really follow the leader’s orders and end the training directly?”

“…If that’s the case, the higher-ups will probably beat our brains out.”

Yuan Gang silently watched the battlefield between the two, then slowly spoke, “Let’s just watch for now. It’s too early to say anything until one of them wins.”

“Give it your all, huh…”

Hearing Lin Qiye’s words, Wang Mian’s eyes showed a hint of approval as he nodded slightly.

“Very good.”


The knives in their hands clashed, and at the same time, the Divine Ruin of Time opened once again.

Lin Qiye took a deep breath, adjusting his mental state to its peak. If nothing unexpected happened, the battle between them was about to have a result very soon.

Yiyuan’s blade cut through the air, emitting a faint buzzing sound. Lin Qiye instinctively raised his blade and struck back at Yiyuan!

At that moment, invisible ripples suddenly appeared in Wang Mian’s eyes behind the mask. A powerful Divine Suppression burst forth from his eyes, surging into Lin Qiye’s mind.

Lin Qiye had used the Divine Might of the Seraph to awe countless people, but it was the first time he had been awed by someone else’s Divine Might. Almost at the moment when the Divine Might of the God of Time erupted, Lin Qiye’s eyes also contracted!

In his eyes, two dazzling golden lights surged out, like a pair of burning furnaces, emitting a terrifying Divine Might!

In mid-air, the two gazes collided.

A strong wind erupted from the center of their gazes, and the overwhelming Divine Might pressed down on the entire area!

“Damn, how did a gust of wind blow just from them staring at each other!” Baili Pangpang exclaimed.

Tianping stared intently at the two in the distance, murmuring to himself, “Right now… it’s the Deities behind the two who are clashing.”

The Divine Might of the Seraph and the Divine Might of the God of Time fiercely clashed for several seconds, and both of their eyes began to be covered in bloodshot veins. They were no longer competing with their own strength, but with the divine power contained within them!


With a light sound, Wang Mian suddenly grunted and took a half step back.

At the same time, the Divine Ruin of Time around him began to shatter inch by inch!

A gleam flashed in Lin Qiye’s eyes as he stepped forward…

And swung his blade!

This time, Wang Mian didn’t have time to block with his blade.

The pale blue blade cut through Wang Mian’s mask, splitting the “王” character on it in half!


Wang Mian’s mask… shattered.

Under the mask, a handsome and steady face was revealed, looking helplessly at Lin Qiye.

The onlookers all stood up with a gasp, taking in a sharp breath!

Including the instructors sitting in front of the screen, who suddenly felt a jolt in their hearts, thinking to themselves that this was not good!


Wang Mian looked into Lin Qiye’s eyes and whispered softly.

Then, ripples appeared in his eyes once again.

The Divine Ruin unfolded!

The shattered mask fragments in mid-air swiftly flowed back to Wang Mian’s face, and his leaning figure gradually returned to its original position. The people around him also returned to their original positions, with a hint of confusion in their eyes.

Lin Qiye’s body uncontrollably retraced its steps, and the sword swung back to its original position. The cracks on the mask began to heal, and his body returned to the position before the swing…

Lin Qiye widened his eyes, filled with shock!

Time had flowed back three seconds.

At that time, the clash of their Divine Might had not yet been decided, and he had not swung his sword, and Wang Mian’s mask had not yet shattered.

The onlookers seemed to have forgotten what had just happened, still cheering for the two of them, except for Lin Qiye… who remembered what had just happened.

No, besides Lin Qiye, the instructors who were closely watching the screen also knew what had just happened.

“He… he cut off Wang Mian’s mask?!!”


“Thank goodness… thank goodness Wang Mian reversed time, or else we would have really messed up!”

“But, can the reversal of time be used in the ‘Zhan’ Boundary?”

“No… Wang Mian just unsealed his Boundary. In that instant, he at least reached the ‘Chuan’ Boundary.”

“Doesn’t that mean we’ve lost?!”

“Cough, the fact is that Lin Qiye didn’t cut off Wang Mian’s mask just now, so we haven’t lost.”

“But he unsealed his Boundary! Isn’t that cheating?!”

“How can you call it cheating for a scholar? Are you really happy to end this training just like that?”


The instructors suddenly started arguing, and at that moment, Yuan Gang slowly stood up from his seat and glanced at the time.

“It’s already nine o’clock. The match is over.”

“Leader, what about the outcome…”Yuan Gang glanced at him and spoke calmly, “The intensive training must be carried out. It’s not for our own pride… it’s for the future of these children.”


The ground.

Lin Qiye looked down at the knife in his hand, then at Wang Mian in front of him. After a long pause, he finally realized what was happening.

“You’re cheating…”


Wang Mian put his finger to his lips, then leaned in close to Lin Qiye’s ear and whispered:

“Lin Qiye… I admit, I just lost to you, but… this new recruit training has to go on. Do you understand what I mean?”

Lin Qiye’s expression immediately turned odd.

“You want me to pretend I didn’t win? To act as if nothing happened just now?”

“That’s the idea.” Wang Mian nodded, then quickly added, “But rest assured, all the instructors have seen your performance. After this combat training ends, you can ask for… some compensation as the winner.”

Lin Qiye raised an eyebrow, “I’m a man of principles.”

“I reckon, a red envelope of five hundred thousand shouldn’t be a problem for them.”

“…My principles…”

“Maybe, they’ll even give you a Forbidden Artifact for protection.”

“Cough cough, my…”

“How about this, I’ll owe you a favor.” Wang Mian looked into Lin Qiye’s eyes, “As the captain of the Mask team, I’ll owe you a favor.”


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