Chapter 85 – Agent Battle

Lin Qiye stopped and looked into Wang Mian’s eyes before slowly speaking:

“Choosing to single out the captain instead of besieging a team member is the most foolish decision I’ve made in this battle…

But, it’s not bad to be willful occasionally.”

The key to winning this battle is to unveil the mask of one of the agents, rather than eliminating them all. So the wisest approach at this moment should be to collectively attack a weak point instead of mindlessly seeking one-on-one battles. Lin Qiye was well aware of this.

However, compared to winning this battle, Lin Qiye hoped to learn more about the agents of the gods.

Ten years ago, the Seraph inexplicably glanced at him, leaving no words behind, making him an agent. But his own divine ruin was not complete… All these questions weighed on Lin Qiye’s mind, and no one could answer them.

And Wang Mian was the first agent of the gods to appear before him. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“I know you have many doubts in your heart…” Wang Mian placed his hand on the hilt of his knife and calmly spoke, “After this battle, regardless of the outcome, you can come find me and chat.”

“Thank you.”

Lin Qiye sincerely thanked him and also placed his hand on the hilt of his knife.

“For our one-on-one, are you sure you want to use that cheating device?” Lin Qiye’s gaze fell on the black knife at Wang Mian’s waist.

Wang Mian raised an eyebrow, “Using my own weapon, how can that be considered cheating?”

“… Shameless.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”


Lin Qiye made the first move.

Drawing his straight knife, Lin Qiye’s figure moved extremely fast, like a phantom shuttling through the ruins.

Half a day had passed since the start of the battle, and night had already fallen. With the enhancement of the Starry Night Dancer, Lin Qiye’s speed was astonishing.

Seeing how fast Lin Qiye was, Wang Mian exclaimed softly. After a moment, the Yiyuan at his waist slowly unsheathed…


The invisible divine ruin opened up. In Lin Qiye’s eyes, Wang Mian’s drawing speed had become so fast that it was blurry. If it weren’t for his psychic power perception, he probably wouldn’t even be able to see Wang Mian’s attack!

Then, an exaggerated blade aura swiftly cut through the air and flashed towards Lin Qiye!

In the instant Wang Mian drew his knife, Lin Qiye’s terrifying dynamic vision had already predicted the trajectory of the swing, and he had already made an evasive posture in advance. Therefore, even though the speed of the blade aura was astonishing, Lin Qiye was still able to dodge in time, narrowly avoiding it!

The blade aura grazed the tip of Lin Qiye’s hair, cutting off a strand. After the textbook-level early evasion, Lin Qiye charged straight towards Wang Mian!

“Huh?” Wang Mian seemed surprised by Lin Qiye’s agility and paused for a moment before continuing to swing his second, third, and fourth blades…

The dense blade auras intertwined into a web of blades in front of Wang Mian. Lin Qiye narrowed his eyes slightly, pushing his dynamic vision to the extreme!

In his eyes, Wang Mian’s movements gradually slowed down, and he seemed to barely see the gaps between the blades…

In just a moment, his eyes began to ache.

Lin Qiye blinked forcefully twice, and the next moment, the dense web of blade auras had already arrived in front of him!

Without any hesitation, Lin Qiye’s body leaned back, as if slipping, about to fall heavily to the ground.

At the same time, the straight knife in Lin Qiye’s hand stabbed into the ground, barely stabilizing his leaning posture, avoiding the bottom of the blade aura web. The sharp blade aura grazed his nose, and Lin Qiye could even feel the chilling aura emanating from it!

After avoiding the blade aura web, Lin Qiye reversed his grip on the straight knife with force, lifting himself up from the ground and quickly approaching Wang Mian!

After the blade aura passed by Lin Qiye, he clearly felt his body relax, and Wang Mian’s speed slowed down.

The divine ruin’s effect had ended!

A burst of brilliance flashed in Lin Qiye’s eyes. As he expected, with Wang Mian’s current boundary, he couldn’t possibly sustain the divine ruin for a long time!

From the beginning, Wang Mian had been conserving his strength, letting the other four team members handle the battles. It was only when he was ambushed by Shen Qingzhu and the others that he had no choice but to make a move.

And that time, the divine ruin only lasted for about three seconds.

If Lin Qiye’s guess was correct, Wang Mian’s current divine ruin could not last more than five seconds, and each use would undoubtedly consume a large amount of psychic power. So, unless necessary, Wang Mian wouldn’t make a move.

The divine ruin was too powerful, and Wang Mian’s current boundary was insufficient. It was already impressive that he could sustain it for this long.

Although both were divine ruins, Lin Qiye’s Mortal Divine Realm seemed to be incomplete. Even if he kept his psychic power perception and dynamic vision active for 24 hours a day, he didn’t feel tired. This showed that there were advantages to being incomplete.

Otherwise, he would be like Wang Mian, only able to be a real man for five seconds each time.

Taking advantage of this gap in the divine ruin, Lin Qiye directly rushed to Wang Mian’s front and swung his straight knife!


Wang Mian’s Yiyuan blocked Lin Qiye’s straight knife, and a slight vibration transmitted from the blade to Lin Qiye’s hand, but it was limited to that.

Without the speed enhancement of the Yiyuan, it was just an ordinary blade that could only slightly numb an opponent’s fingers.

“The Mortal Divine Realm also has the ability to accelerate? How can you be so fast?” As their blades clashed, Wang Mian asked in confusion.

He thought that with his few strikes, he would be able to eliminate Lin Qiye directly. He didn’t expect Lin Qiye to keep up with his speed within the divine ruin!

“After all, I’m 003. It’s normal to be a little powerful.” Lin Qiye replied vaguely.

“That’s true.”

Wang Mian didn’t doubt him. The next moment, the divine ruin unfolded once again!

The divine ruin didn’t last long each time, but as long as there was an interval in between, continuously activating it was not a big problem.Now, the cooldown time for Wang Mian’s Divine Ruin had passed.

In Lin Qiye’s eyes, Wang Mian’s speed increased again, his movements even leaving afterimages!

Wang Mian parried Lin Qiye’s straight sword, his Yi Yan just about to be raised… then he made a light, floating slash!

“This time, you can’t dodge.” Wang Mian looked at the close-at-hand Lin Qiye and calmly said.


Lin Qiye’s straight sword easily blocked the Yi Yan.

Wang Mian was taken aback.

Where’s my sword aura? Where’s my big sword aura?

He looked down at the Yi Yan in his hand, and on the blade of the Yi Yan, a piece of tape had been attached at some unknown time…

“A Sealing Scroll?” Wang Mian’s face slightly changed.

In Wang Mian’s eyes, the corners of Lin Qiye’s mouth slowly rose,

“Now, your cheat device is useless…

Let’s have a good fight!”

The next moment, the blade of the straight sword in Lin Qiye’s hand turned, and he actively slashed towards Wang Mian!

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