Chapter 7 – I want to live

"Wang Shao!" The three of them heard this familiar voice and shouted in unison.


The three of them looked at each other and ran towards the alley where Li Yifei had left.


Lin Qiye stood alone in place, frowning and looking at the dark alley, his expression becoming serious.


Although he didn't know what had happened, he had a sense of foreboding in his heart.


In the outskirts of the old city, there were abnormal serial killers, strange odors, and screams…


Something was not right.


After hesitating for a while, Lin Qiye sighed helplessly and finally picked up his white cane and rushed towards the alley.


If it were any other time, Lin Qiye would definitely not meddle in other people's business. Instead, he would run in the opposite direction as far as possible!


Since someone was screaming, it definitely wasn't a good thing.


Not a good thing meant trouble.


Robbery, murder, or witnessing a crime scene… any of these, Lin Qiye didn't want to get involved with them.


He didn't have such a strong curiosity and didn't want to know what exactly had happened. He also didn't have an overflowing sympathy and didn't want to be a hero.


Most importantly, he couldn't fight. What if he lost his life because of it?


But the current situation was different.


If it wasn't for them voluntarily escorting Lin Qiye home, perhaps Wang Shao would have already taken another route back or returned a few minutes earlier, and they wouldn't have encountered this situation.


He indeed didn't like meddling in other people's business, but he disliked owing favors even more.


Regardless, he had to at least go and see what had happened. It could be considered as a gesture of goodwill. If he encountered any danger, he would just run away.


Lin Qiye had his eyes covered, but his speed was not slow at all. The closer he got to where the screams came from, the tighter his brows furrowed.


The stench was getting stronger.


"Ah ah ah!!"


The second scream came from around the corner, but this time it was a woman's voice.


Jiang Qian!


Lin Qiye suddenly stopped at the corner of the alley. In his spiritual perception range, he saw the figures of Jiang Qian and two others.


Not far in front of him, Jiang Qian was lying on the ground, her mouth wide open in fear, trembling all over!


In front of her, Liu Yuan and Li Yifei were frozen like statues, their eyes fixed on the front, also trembling!


As for what was further away… Lin Qiye couldn't perceive it.


He still couldn't open his eyes, unable to see the world with his own vision. His spiritual perception range was only ten meters, so an extremely awkward situation arose.


Within ten meters, he could perceive everything. Beyond ten meters, he was truly blind.


What did Jiang Qian and the others see that scared them like this?


Although he couldn't see, his hearing was very sensitive. He could clearly hear the rustling sound not far away.


It sounded like someone gnawing on something, gnawing wildly and with relish.


Hmm… it sounded like Little Black Pox gnawing on bones.


"What happened?" Lin Qiye asked in a low voice.


Jiang Qian seemed startled by Lin Qiye's appearance. She grabbed his clothes in a panic, her teeth chattering!


"Monster… a monster is gnawing on Wang Shao's face!"


Lin Qiye's expression immediately changed!




Lin Qiye and Li Yifei shouted at the same time!


As soon as the word came out, Liu Yuan, like a mad wild dog, turned around and ran back. After bumping into Lin Qiye's shoulder, he quickly got up and ran for his life!


"Monster… help! Someone help! Monster!" He screamed loudly as he ran.


Lin Qiye, caught off guard by the collision, stumbled, but just as he stabilized himself, a dull impact sound came from a distance.


It was like a brown bear stomping on the ground, running towards him.


Jiang Qian's pupils suddenly contracted. With some unknown strength, she quickly got up from the ground and ran away screaming.


As for Li Yifei… he had already run away after shouting that word. His speed was faster than Liu Yuan, who had pushed Lin Qiye away.


If it weren't for Liu Yuan stumbling Lin Qiye just now, he would have run far away by now.


But just this momentary delay, he had already fallen behind like Jiang Qian.


At this moment, it seemed that everyone had forgotten Lin Qiye's "disabled" identity. The classmates who had just promised to escort him home had completely abandoned him.


Faced with such a bloody and terrifying scene, fear occupied everyone's minds.


Just as Lin Qiye took a few steps, something broke into his spiritual perception range within ten meters.


It looked like a person, but not like a person.


It looked like a person because it had limbs and a head like a human. It didn't look like a person because at the moment, it was running on all fours like a hyena, with a burly body like a brown bear!


Most importantly, it had a ghost face on its head.


Pale and twisted.


Its long and crimson tongue was like a snake, extending half a meter from its mouth and wriggling flexibly.


Lin Qiye's face immediately turned ugly.


Its speed was too fast. In just a few steps, it had leaped from ten meters away into his spiritual perception range, and it was approaching him at an astonishing speed!


He could already feel a gust of wind sweeping towards him from behind.Jiang Qian, standing nearby, felt the same sensation. Her face turned deathly pale in an instant, her heart filled with fear and panic. She stiffly turned her head bit by bit, trying to see how far the monster was from her.


It should… still be far away, right?


"Don't look back!" Lin Qiye's voice suddenly rang out from beside her.


But it was too late. Jiang Qian's pupils contracted sharply as the ghastly, terrifying face of the ghost was almost pressed against hers. She could feel the strong, bloody scent emanating from it!


"Ah ah ah ah!!!"


Her scream echoed through the alley once more. She quickly closed her eyes, turned around, and tried to take off her backpack to hit the ghost-faced man.


She was completely panicked.


A backpack was not a weapon, and she was not a trained warrior.


In such a life-or-death moment, whoever lost their cool first would lose their chance to survive.


The ghost-faced man grabbed the strap of her backpack, and a brutal force was transmitted to Jiang Qian's body. She suddenly lost her balance and stumbled to the ground!


A heavy shadow suddenly fell, crashing onto her…


The next moment, fresh blood dyed the night into a crimson red.

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