Chapter 24 – Heavy rain

“Little Qi, don’t just eat vegetables, have some spare ribs too!” Auntie picked up a spare rib and put it in Lin Qiye’s bowl.

Lin Qiye smiled, “Thank you, Auntie.”

“Today is a good day, eat more, don’t save money for Auntie!”

“I know, Auntie. Jin, you should eat more too, you’re still growing…”



Lin Qiye looked at Yang Jin, who was lost in thought, and called out twice.

“Ah? Oh, I’ll eat now!” Yang Jin snapped back to reality and scratched his head.

“This child, why is he so absent-minded? Are you picky about food now? You won’t even eat meat?” Auntie gave Yang Jin a glare and added a few more pieces of meat to his bowl.

“Jin might be under too much pressure from homework,” Lin Qiye said with a smile, picking up the bone he had just finished gnawing on. He looked around and a hint of confusion appeared on his face.

Auntie also snapped back to reality and exclaimed in surprise, “Strange, where is Little Black Pox? It’s usually the most enthusiastic about eating, but now it’s nowhere to be seen even with bones to eat.”

As if hearing someone calling for it, Little Black Pox stuck its head out from the balcony and barked.


Lin Qiye waved the bone in the air, signaling for Little Black Pox to come and eat. However, Little Black Pox looked at the bone, then looked outside, seeming a bit conflicted.

“What’s wrong with this little thing today?” Auntie wondered.

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Qiye stood up with the bone and walked to the balcony. He touched Little Black Pox’s head and spoke softly, “What’s wrong with you? Is there something outside?”

Lin Qiye dropped the bone on the ground and stood up while Little Black Pox gnawed on the bone. He looked out the window.

In the vast dark night, apart from the pouring rain, there was nothing.

Even the other residential buildings in the distance had no lights, and the world was so quiet, as if only endless rain remained.

“Strange, there’s nothing at all…”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself, about to turn around and leave, when suddenly, several sounds came from outside the window, as if someone was tapping on the window.

Lin Qiye turned his head and saw a small bat outside the window.

The bat seemed to be soaked by the rain, constantly hitting the window, as if trying to find a place to take shelter from the rain.

Lin Qiye’s eyes gradually lit up.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t used the ability to communicate with nocturnal creatures that Starry Night Dancer had given him. It was rare to encounter a bat, so he could give it a try…

So, Lin Qiye stood quietly by the window, watching the bat.

“Little Qi! What are you doing there? Come back and eat, the dishes are getting cold,” Auntie called out when she saw Lin Qiye lost in thought.

However, Lin Qiye stood there like a statue, motionless.

Just as Auntie was about to say something else, Lin Qiye suddenly turned his head, his eyes trembling!

He quickly ran to the door and put on his shoes.

“Little Qi, what are you doing?”

“Suddenly remembered something, I’m going out for a bit.”

“Silly child, what are you talking about? It’s dark outside and it’s raining so heavily, why are you going out?”

“It’s important!”

“What about the meal?”

“I’ll eat when I come back!”

In Auntie’s bewildered gaze, Lin Qiye closed the door in a hurry and rushed downstairs.

As Lin Qiye walked further away, Auntie suddenly realized and hurriedly walked to the door, shouting down, “Silly child! It’s raining so heavily outside, take an umbrella!”

In the hallway, Lin Qiye’s footsteps grew further and further away, with no one responding.

Auntie sighed helplessly, returned to her seat, and suddenly felt that the food in front of her was no longer appetizing.

As for Yang Jin, he just sat there quietly, his eyes staring at the heavy rain outside the window, silent.

In the rain.

Crack, crack, crack!

Zhao Kongcheng pressed the lighter a few times, and just as the sparks ignited, they were extinguished by the pouring rain.

He took a drag of his cigarette and sighed helplessly.

Today’s luck… is really bad.


Not far from him, the Ghost-Faced King stood there like a rain-soaked demon, giving off a tremendous sense of oppression!

The Ghost-Faced King looked very different from ordinary Ghost-Faced people. It was much larger in size, almost like a small mountain from a distance.

Not only that, while ordinary Ghost-Faced people walked on all fours like animals, the Ghost-Faced King stood on two feet, with its head held high and its chest out. If you ignored its pale ghost face and crimson long tongue, it looked quite similar to a human.

But despite its fierce and terrifying appearance, the Ghost-Faced King was covered in knife wounds, each one seemingly carved into its flesh, making its body drenched in blood.

Zhao Kongcheng looked at the wounds on the Ghost-Faced King’s body and licked his lips.

“The captain is still fierce… to have injured it so badly. It seems like he went easy on me during our usual sparring sessions…””Even a severely wounded monster from the ‘River’ realm is still freakishly strong. I wonder how many moves I can withstand under its attack.”

Zhao Kongcheng muttered to himself as he reached over his shoulder, gripping the hilt of his straight sword, and slowly drew it out…

The pale blue blade cut through the rain, emitting a faint hum.

A heavy rain, a cigarette,

A cloak, a straight sword!

The Ghost Face King stared at Zhao Kongcheng, its crimson tongue coiling, and a bloodthirsty desire emerged in its eyes!

In an instant, both of them moved!

Zhao Kongcheng, holding his straight sword, shot out like an arrow off its string, his eyes cold and murderous!

His speed was fast, but the Ghost Face King was faster!

Its massive body broke through the curtain of rain, its ghastly face twisted violently, like a hunter who had spotted its prey, unable to suppress the ecstasy in its heart!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The moment their figures collided, the sword light was cold, and the continuous sound of metal clashing cut through the rain curtain. The claws and the sword blade collided, sparking blinding flashes!

Zhao Kongcheng, a close combat master, accurately slashed his sword three times at the Ghost Face King’s vital points, but they were blocked by the Ghost Face King at an even faster speed.

Zhao Kongcheng only made three moves, because after the third one, he was sent flying by the terrifying power of the Ghost Face King, landing awkwardly on the muddy ground.

The gap between them was too great.

One was a mythical creature that had reached the ‘River’ realm, possessing the Forbidden Ruin and terrifying physical qualities;

The other was a mortal, an ordinary man with only skills and experience.

Zhao Kongcheng climbed up from the mud, spat out the soaked cigarette from his mouth, and began to curse:

“Damn it, so what if you’re a mythical creature? So what if you’re strong?”

The Ghost Face King had no intention of a fair fight, it roared at Zhao Kongcheng, its voice resounding like thunder!

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Approaching, with the Ghost Face King as the center, a huge and ferocious ghost face gradually emerged on the ground…

Zhao Kongcheng’s face changed instantly.

“Forbidden Ruin Sequence 176, [Ghost Face Earth].”

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