Chapter 22 – General Zhao

Lin Qiye frowned, “What do you mean by this?”

Zhao Kongcheng smiled slightly and calmly took out a cigarette from his pocket, “Do you mind?”

“I do.”

Zhao Kongcheng:…

Zhao Kongcheng reluctantly put the cigarette away and leaned back in his chair, a hint of reminiscence in his eyes.

“When I was young, I was just like you.”

“To be honest, this opening is a bit cliché.”


“It’s okay, please continue.”

“When I was six years old, my father passed away due to illness. My mother worked two jobs to barely raise me.” Zhao Kongcheng rubbed the cigarette box and spoke in a calm voice.

“The pace of that era was slow. At that time, my mother’s expectation for me was to finish junior high school, come back to the village, become a village cadre, marry a wife, have a few children, and live happily together as a family.

You know, young people always go through a rebellious phase.

When I graduated from junior high school, my grades were good. It wouldn’t have been difficult to become a village cadre if I went back. But I ignored her opposition and resolutely became a soldier.

Actually, she didn’t oppose it, but she seemed a little unhappy. On the day I left home, she stood at the door, silently watching me. As I walked towards the back of the house, she was still watching me. When I reached the village gate, she was still watching me…

Later, when I reached the city’s bus station, unable to let go, I secretly went back to take a look… and found that she was still standing there, watching the direction I left, lost in thought.

To be honest, at that time, I really thought about staying and not leaving. But in the end, I hardened my heart and became a soldier.”

Zhao Kongcheng sighed deeply and continued, “Later, my military rank kept rising. I joined the special forces and was assigned to the Night Watchman because of my expertise in close combat.

After that, I went back home during holidays to visit my mother, and then I found out…”

Zhao Kongcheng paused suddenly.

Lin Qiye cautiously spoke, “Did your mother… pass away?”

“No, she remarried.”

Lin Qiye:…

“My mother worked too hard when she was young and ruined her health. Originally, she wanted me to return to the village and become a cadre so that I could take care of her. But at that time, I didn’t think about that and chose to become a soldier.

Later, she couldn’t bear it alone and got married. At least when she gets old, there is someone to take care of her.

Unfortunately, I had already become a Night Watchman and couldn’t stay by her side for long to take care of her in her old age. To be honest, when I heard the news of her remarriage, I really breathed a sigh of relief.”

Lin Qiye pondered for a moment, “So, what is your purpose in telling me this?”

Zhao Kongcheng stood up slowly, gazing into Lin Qiye’s eyes, “We all have things we cherish, but as we grow, we tend to subconsciously neglect their existence due to habit and become attracted to other things…

I was like that back then, but you are different, Lin Qiye.

You are smarter and more sensible than I was back then. You have your own thoughts, and you want to stay with your family.

That’s really good.

Since you have chosen this path, then walk it well.

Leave the task of protecting the world to people like us.”

He turned around and picked up the piece of parchment on the table, handing it to Lin Qiye.

“I just met your aunt. In this era, there are not many good people like her. I know about your family’s current situation. Take this money.”

Lin Qiye didn’t hesitate at all, “I don’t want it.”

“I am a Night Watchman, I don’t need money.”

“Then I don’t want it either.”

“This is for your aunt, you have to take it!”

“My aunt won’t want it either.”

Zhao Kongcheng’s mouth twitched slightly as he locked eyes with Lin Qiye, neither of them backing down.

After a while, Zhao Kongcheng spoke again, “Lin Qiye… I’m getting old. I can’t bear to see the regrets that happened to me happening again, even if it’s on someone else.”

“Then you can close your eyes and not look.” Lin Qiye’s attitude was resolute. “Although my family is poor, we still have our bottom line. I won’t take the money of a soldier. Besides, my eyes are healed, I have the ability, and I won’t let regrets happen.”

Zhao Kongcheng opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything and just smiled bitterly.

“Take this money back for your wife and children. Isn’t that great?” Lin Qiye spoke again.

“I told you, the Night Watchman’s welfare system is good. Even if I die on the battlefield, my wife and children will never have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of their lives. Moreover, they will be able to go to a good university in the future and have a bright future.” Zhao Kongcheng couldn’t convince Lin Qiye, so he had to put the leather bag back.

“Do you not have any dreams of your own?”

“My dream?” Zhao Kongcheng sat back in his chair, eyebrows raised. “Yes, I do have a dream, since I was a child.”

“What is it?”

“To become a general in the military! Then wear a chest full of dazzling medals, wear a military uniform, and return to the village in a grand manner, letting those who looked down on my mother know that my mother’s son… is a general!” A gleam of brilliance appeared in Zhao Kongcheng’s eyes.Lin Qiye was taken aback, for some reason, looking at Zhao Kongcheng in front of him, he seemed to think of Li Yifei…

They seemed to be of the same kind.

“So, have you become one now?”

“No, I’m still far from it.” Zhao Kongcheng said with a bitter smile, “And as a Night Watchman, I can’t strut around with my medals. This dream… can only remain a dream.”

Lin Qiye fell silent.

“Well, since that’s the case, I should go.” Zhao Kongcheng stood up, walked to Lin Qiye, and extended his right hand.

“I wish you a bright future, Lin Qiye.”

Lin Qiye stared blankly at Zhao Kongcheng’s face, which seemed less greasy…

He reached out his hand and held it tightly, “I wish you a day full of honors, General Zhao.”

Zhao Kongcheng smiled, turned around and walked towards the door.

“Wait, your badge.” Lin Qiye stopped him, picked up the badge on the table, and waved it.

Zhao Kongcheng slapped his forehead, “Look at my memory, I almost forgot! This is my life!”

Zhao Kongcheng took the badge, glanced at it, and seemed to think of something, “By the way, did you see the words on the back?”

“I saw them.”

“How about it? Isn’t it cool?”

“Very cool, did you write it?”

“No, it’s the oath we made when we became Night Watchmen.” Zhao Kongcheng tossed the badge like a coin, caught it steadily, and put it in his pocket, “But… I like it very much.”


“What is it?”

“It’s raining heavily outside, take the umbrella.”

“Thanks, I won’t return this umbrella.”

“You can take it, consider it… a reward for protecting the earth.”

“Interesting, okay, I’m really leaving now.”


Zhao Kongcheng took the black umbrella, opened the door and walked out, while Lin Qiye stood by the window, silently watching him leave.

In the rain, he rubbed the badge in his pocket and murmured:

“If the dark night finally comes,

I will stand before the masses,

With my sword facing the abyss,

Blood staining the sky…”

The rain was getting heavier.

Zhao Kongcheng, holding the umbrella, calmly got into the black car, took out a cigarette box from his pocket, and prepared to enjoy a brief moment of tranquility.

Just then, his earpiece suddenly rang!

A man’s voice came through.

His hand holding the cigarette trembled violently, and his pupils contracted sharply!

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