Chapter 4 – Return to City

“How should I explain when I call for help? That I was brought here by a turtle shell? That I was kidnapped? Or that I got lost?”

Just after Chen Mobai nervously dialed the phone number of the Immortal Gate’s law enforcement department, something shocking happened.

His phone had no signal!

He couldn’t make a call!

Even at the bottom of the sea, several kilometers deep on the Elemental Star, the Immortal Gate’s celestial star coverage could be reached.

Chen Mobai even heard a fifth-order formation master proudly say on TV that even two thousand years ago, during the war that opened up the world, Immortal Gate cultivators who entered the depths of the earth could still receive signals from the Elemental Star, maintaining communication between each cultivator.

Where was he exactly?

Chen Mobai was completely perplexed!

He had thought through all his knowledge reserves and even explored every safe place in this water palace, tapping every brick on the ground.

But in the end, Chen Mobai could only sit helplessly on the ground in the front hall, unable to find any clues to leave.

Just as he was about to resign himself to meditate and cultivate, his phone screen suddenly lit up with a silver light, catching his attention.


He found that there was suddenly a software icon on his phone that he had never downloaded before.

The icon was a small green turtle.

Below it was the software name:

[Turtle Treasure]!

What was this?

Chen Mobai instinctively moved his finger to the software icon, wanting to uninstall it. He couldn’t allow software he didn’t know to appear on his phone.

Then, a red font popped up on the screen saying [Unable to uninstall].

What was going on?

His phone was out of control!

Chen Mobai was so angry that he was about to shut down and restart the phone when a flash of inspiration suddenly struck him.

Could this Turtle Treasure… be the turtle shell!?

He quickly clicked on it and opened the software.

The action went smoothly without any problems.

There was a simple homepage with only three function buttons – [Teleport], [Return to City], and [Proxy].

Chen Mobai was both shocked and delighted, but still a little uneasy. After confirming that there was no explanation, he pressed the [Return to City] button according to his own understanding.

[This process requires an eight-second guide. Please find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during the guide time.]

As he pressed the Return to City button, a line of text suddenly appeared on the phone screen.

Just as Chen Mobai was still thinking about what counted as a disturbance, a burst of silver light suddenly flashed, surrounding him and spiraling out of the void, taking him away from the water palace.

“I’m back already?”

After the silver light had faded, Chen Mobai found himself standing in the room again, his hand resting on the turtle shell.


He quickly withdrew his hand, then retreated back to the bed, taking out a sword that his father had bought him when he was a child in a cave scenic area.

The sword was shiny, but it was a child’s model, only thirty centimeters long, and looked like a toy.

In the room, it was quiet for about two minutes.

Chen Mobai stared at the turtle shell. Just as he was thinking about how to deal with it, the sound of the front door opening came from downstairs.

It was his mother coming back.The familiar sound of opening and closing doors let Chen Mobai know who was coming.

Because there was a sign hanging on the door of Chen Mobai’s room that said “cultivating,” his mother did not come up to disturb him, but he still heard the familiar grumbling voice.

“This child, I told him to practice breathing in the cultivation room at the spiritual vein, but he still likes to stay in his own room…”

Chen Mobai hesitated for a moment, but ultimately did not go downstairs.

He gently put the children’s version of the Demon-Slaying Sword back into its sheath, and then used light body technique to land in front of the turtle shell, carefully examining it.

The next day.

Chen Mobai went downstairs with a tired spirit, ate the carefully prepared breakfast under his mother’s nagging, and then hurriedly caught the bus with his backpack.

After the morning self-study session, an old man dressed in plain clothes walked into the classroom on time.

“Hello, Teacher Ding!”

After the students stood up to greet him, Old Man Ding nodded calmly.

“Today, we will continue to explain the solidification of defensive spells…”

The Immortal Gate textbook divides all the content that cultivators need to learn into four subjects.

They are [Arts], [Pills], [Tools], and [Formations]!

After these four subjects are subdivided, there are dozens of courses and specialties. For high school students, it is necessary to choose one subject as the main course and lay the foundation for their future learning.

It is equivalent to the science and humanities division in high school before the Earth entered the world of cultivation.

But now there are four subjects to choose from for cultivation.

After all, if you want to pass the entrance exam for those great Dao academies, in addition to the basic score of the college entrance examination and the realm of cultivation, the most critical factor is the examination of the academy itself.

And Chen Mobai’s class has all chosen [Arts] as their main subject.

He didn’t know why others chose this subject, but he chose Arts simply because it was the cheapest.

The rest, whether it is Pills, Tools, or Formations, requires certain resources and Good Deeds to practice or even improve.

But Arts is the most straightforward.

Just one word: practice!

And Arts can choose to become a talisman master as the advanced route, which is also a very promising career among all the skills of cultivation.

Chen Mobai has always aspired to become a talisman master since he was young.

He has a family foundation, and his mother works in a talisman paper production factory. Under her influence, he also has some experience, and he can shorten some time in the future when he starts practicing.

Old Man Ding is named Ding Jinglue and is a well-known cultivator in Danxia City.

His aptitude was also decent when he was young, with a three-attribute spiritual root, slightly better than Chen Mobai.

He had an average score on the college entrance examination and barely entered the local Danzhu University. But he was tenacious, and after twenty years of hard study at Danzhu University, he passed the ascension exam in the top ten academies and was included in the academy out of turn.

But his achievements came too late.

Even though he entered the Pure Yang Academy and practiced to the Qi Refining stage before the age limit of sixty, and also obtained the Foundation Establishment secret method, he still failed.

After using up the opportunity for Foundation Establishment in the Pure Yang Academy, Ding Jinglue suffered for another twenty years and returned to the Qi Refining stage again, and then made a great effort to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage.

Unfortunately, he still failed.After two attempts, all his potential was exhausted, and Ding Jinglue returned to his birthplace, Danxia City, and became a teacher.

Before Foundation Establishment, he was wholeheartedly devoted to cultivation. However, after returning to his roots, he found himself with more time to study the various arts of immortality.

Among them, Ding Jinglue had a profound understanding of the path of magical techniques since it didn’t require any capital. However, his lecturing skills were average, and most people would feel drowsy while listening.

Usually, Chen Mobai didn’t pay much attention, but today was different.

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