Chapter 19 – Proxy

In the classroom.

Chen Mobai sat by the window, looking depressed.

He had almost thought he could change his fate when he ate nearly a dozen blue carp, each of which increased his water attribute spiritual root by two points. He thought he could become a water spiritual root with dozens of them.

But he forgot one thing. The “Auxiliary Cultivation” software detected that his adaptive spiritual power fluctuated only for one day, and it returned to normal the next day.

Reality is cruel.

The power contained in the blue carp can only last for one day.

That day, he ate eight of them in one breath, and his water attribute spiritual root soared to 39 points. Chen Mobai had never experienced such a feeling of cultivation before.

The efficiency of absorbing spiritual energy was nearly twice as high as before. In addition to the improvement of spiritual root attributes, he practiced on the second-order water vein. The combination of the two almost made Chen Mobai have to switch to “Black Water Technique.”

Fortunately, he was always cautious and waited for a day.

As a result, the second day, he was not at ease in the school’s cultivation room and tested his spiritual power with a test paper again. He found that his water spiritual root attributes had dropped again.

He didn’t believe it and went back to the water palace that night, grabbed five blue carp and made sashimi.

His water spiritual root soared again, but after practicing for a night, it fell again.

But there is also good news. Chen Mobai ate a lot, and the power of the blue carp was unconsciously strengthened by his spiritual root.

After five days of crazy eating, nearly forty blue carp were eaten, and Chen Mobai’s water attribute spiritual root fluctuated up and down like a stock market curve, finally stabilizing at 30 points, and never rose again.

Of course, it didn’t fall either.

After all the ups and downs, Chen Mobai’s water attribute spiritual root permanently increased by 7 points.

[Name: Chen Mobai]

[Age: 18]

[Realm: Qi Refining Fifth Layer]

[Spiritual Root: Gold 23, Wood 27, Water 30, Fire 17, Earth 10]

[Cultivation Technique: Five Elements Technique]

[Skills: Levitation, Cleansing, Spiritual Power Shield, Qi Nourishing Technique, Water Control Technique]

He hesitated for a moment and manually changed the water attribute number 30 back to 23 on the spiritual root column of his personal panel software on his phone.

He already had a feeling that it was better not to let anyone else know about the water palace incident.

Although there is no shortage of spells and medicines in the Immortal Gate that can increase and improve spiritual roots, there are not many that can immediately improve water spiritual root attributes like this. It is almost equivalent to 20-30% of the effect of the blue dragon carp of the Kunpeng Taoist Academy.

The blue dragon carp can permanently improve a cultivator’s spiritual root with each one eaten. The Kunpeng Taoist Academy once used this to cultivate a water alchemy genius with amazing comprehension from 33 points of ordinary water spiritual root to 80 points of divine water spiritual root. This was widely promoted in the Immortal Gate, and Chen Mobai saw it on TV news every day when he was a child.Although the blue carp in this water mansion cannot compare to the Qinglong carp, accumulating them over time has permanently increased Chen Mobai’s water spiritual root attribute by 7 points. Once this is made public, it will definitely cause a sensation.

Because the Qinglong carp is regarded as a delicacy by the Elemental Infant realm cultivators, no one has been able to eat it in the past twenty years.

However, Chen Mobai is not concerned about this matter at the moment. He opened his “Auxiliary Cultivation” software and looked at the five auras above his profile picture in the upper right corner, falling into contemplation.

Last night, the “Proxy” button on the Turtle Treasure software suddenly lit up and protruded. He couldn’t resist his curiosity and clicked on it.

Then, the “Auxiliary Cultivation” software on his phone changed.

Five rings were added to his profile picture.

Resources are scarce on the Earth Element Star, but every thousand years, the inevitable Opening War occurs. To defend their homeland, thirty-six Tian Gang satellites orbit around, forming a super-large array.

And these thirty-six Tian Gang satellites also provide all the networks and communications for the Immortal Gate on ordinary days. Each satellite is also a supercomputer, but most of their computing power is used to extract cosmic spiritual energy, which is then supplied to three hundred million cultivators for their cultivation.

Therefore, to avoid wasting computing power, the permissions that each realm cultivator can use in each software are different.

For example, Chen Mobai, at the fifth level of Qi Refining, can only use the most basic functions of various software on his phone.

Taking the “Auxiliary Cultivation” software as an example.

If Chen Mobai reaches the Foundation Establishment realm, he can not only analyze and watch the videos in the database of Golden Elixir realm cultivators’ cultivation of the Five Elements technique, but also correct his own mistakes in cultivation and learn the most correct methods and tips for cultivating the Five Elements technique.

The software permissions of the Immortal Gate are displayed intuitively through auras.

For example, if one is at the first level of Qi Refining, there will be one aura above their profile picture.

So, the question is, do these five auras refer to the permissions of the fifth level?

What realm is the fifth level equivalent to again?

Chen Mobai calculated in his heart and took a deep breath.

He has directly become a Deification Ancestor.

There are only two Deification Ancestors in the entire Immortal Gate.

Couldn’t this Turtle Treasure proxy be a little more low-key? It would have been enough to give him the third level of Golden Elixir realm permissions. How could it directly give him the full permissions of the fifth level?

As Chen Mobai was feeling anxious and uneasy, several cultivators in a certain office of the Bu Tian Dao Academy were also worried as they looked at the sudden influx of data below.

“Could it be that the Ancestor has awakened? Taking on a mortal form and entering the human world?”

With the sudden appearance of a user with fifth level permissions, as the developer of the Auxiliary Cultivation software, Shi was not only surprised but also a little afraid.

It should be noted that the two Ancestors have been in seclusion for more than three hundred years without any movement, and his software was only developed two hundred years ago.Although there were five levels of authority, it was actually only perfected up to the third level.

This was because he himself was only at the Golden Elixir realm. As for the higher level, there were only a dozen or so Elemental Infant experts even in the Immortal Gate. Moreover, they would be in seclusion for decades, and the only thing that could assist their cultivation was the cultivation videos and guidance from the Deification ancestor.

Before the Deification ancestor uploaded his own content, the highest realm that the “Cultivation Assistant” software could help with was the Golden Elixir realm.

So, when the first fifth-level user appeared, Shi was both excited and terrified.

“Check the location using the backend, and then we’ll go to the scene to determine who it is. It might be a hacker who cracked the authority of your software.”

As an investor, the boss remained calm, and his words immediately settled the restless cultivators who were thinking of how to please the ancestor.

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