Chapter 17 – Return to Spirit Water

After class.

Chen Mobai didn’t fall behind at all. Relying on his improved speed after consolidating his realm, he managed to secure a spot in the first batch of practice rooms.

He needed to quickly go to the Water Mansion to verify whether it was the fish that caused the ripples in his otherwise calm cultivation.

During the two hours in the practice room, he didn’t waste any time and diligently read the email Chan Si had sent him.

After receiving the full content of “Detailed Explanation of the Azure Water Formation”, this Formation teacher did not disappoint him. After understanding and integrating the content, he created a detailed Formation disassembly courseware. Starting from the five basic Formations that make up this second-order Formation, gathering spirits, concealment, complexity, water control…

Having personally worked on the “Azure Water Formation”, Chen Mobai easily absorbed the information.

He compared his own exploration and experience with the Formation flags in the past two days, and the extremely detailed explanations in the courseware. His understanding of this second-order Formation instantly deepened.

Two hours passed quickly.

The alarm rang, waking Chen Mobai from his immersion in learning.

“Teacher Chan can actually teach in such an engaging way.”

Murmuring to himself, Chen Mobai thought of Chan Si’s usually dry lectures in class, and didn’t realize that it was because he was not interested in what was taught in class.

People are like this, even cultivators. As long as it’s something they’re interested in, they would want to understand it thoroughly, even if it means staying up all night.

As he left the practice room, Chen Mobai stretched lazily and looked around, suddenly freezing in place.

For some reason, he was very lucky.

The person coming out of the practice room on his left was Yan Bingxuan.

After a few days, the temperament of this class beauty seemed to be even colder. She should have officially started cultivating the “Frost Condensation Method”, beginning to transform her spiritual root into ice.

On Chen Mobai’s right was another genius in their class, Song Zheng.

He probably didn’t manage to secure a spot in the second-order practice room in the first batch today, so he came to this first-order practice room instead.


Chen Mobai wasn’t in the same circle as the two of them and didn’t know how to greet them.

After an awkward silence, it was Song Zheng who spoke first.

“Yan Bingxuan, I still think your choice is wrong. With your qualifications, if you focus on improving your realm and learning this semester, you can at least participate in the entrance exam of the Four Great Dao Academies. You might even leap over the dragon gate and soar to the sky.”

However, Song Zheng completely ignored Chen Mobai and spoke to Yan Bingxuan with a calm face.

“Summer insects cannot speak of ice!”

In response, the increasingly cold Yan Bingxuan uttered a proverb that made Song Zheng frown and almost lose his temper.

“I have received Master Ding’s inheritance and also have the method to transform my spiritual root physique into a Triple Yang body. But I believe my limit is not the Pure Yang Academy. Only the Four Great Dao Academies are where I should go.”

Song Zheng’s words made Chen Mobai silent.

This guy is so confident.

If he could get into one of the top ten academies, the Pure Yang Academy, his mother would brag about it to the neighbors for a lifetime.

As for the overly confident Song Zheng, Yan Bingxuan, who was always sparing with her words, uttered another proverb.

“Frog in the well!”

Song Zheng’s anger was getting a bit out of control.

Chen Mobai checked the time and didn’t bother greeting the two who ignored him. He walked out between them.

“Tsk tsk, I bet they’re going to settle this at the sports field.”

But before Chen Mobai could leave, he was stopped by his deskmate, Lu Hongsheng. In no time, a group of classmates gathered around them, all watching Song Zheng, who was clenching his fists and asking Yan Bingxuan for a magic exchange.

Fighting is naturally not allowed in school.

But magic exchanges are encouraged.

And between top students, they often use this as an excuse to prove who is the strongest.

“I have something to do today, so I’ll leave first. Tell me the result of their fight later.”

Although Chen Mobai was also interested in watching the exchange between the only two Qi Refining late-stage top students in the class, he thought about his schedule for the night and decided not to waste precious time on spectating.

Lu Hongsheng, whose attention was all on the two top students, casually agreed. By the time he reacted, Chen Mobai had already disappeared.

“This kid has been acting a bit strange lately.”

“Yeah, he’s the one who runs the fastest after practicing.”

“Could he be dating someone?”

The two pretty girls at the front desk spoke one after another, causing Lu Hongsheng to jolt, realizing that it really seemed like that.

“Let’s go, Yan Bingxuan agreed.”

But before they could delve deeper, Yan Bingxuan had already turned around with a cold smile and headed towards the sports field.

For magic exchanges, to avoid damaging the venue, they have to be held in places where the school has set up restrictions.

The sports field is one of them.

After Chen Mobai left the school, he immediately put this minor matter behind him.

On his way home, he saw a pharmacy and walked in.

The pharmacy wasn’t big, but it was quite well-stocked. However, strangely, there was no one behind the counter.

Chen Mobai could only walk around by himself and look for what he wanted to buy.

“Hello, is anyone there?”

But after looking around, he couldn’t find the spiritual power test paper, so Chen Mobai shouted towards the back door.

“I’m coming!”

A crisp response sounded, and then the back door was pulled open. A girl in white clothes and pants, with her hair tied up and wearing a white hat and mask, walked over. Although only half of her face could be seen, Chen Mobai was attracted by her pair of black, bright eyes that were full of charm and spirit.

Chen Mobai had never seen such clear and pure eyes before, just like her clothes, pure and flawless.

“Hello, customer, what do you need?”

“Where is the spiritual power test paper? I couldn’t find it.”

“Wait a moment, I’ll get it for you from the cabinet.”

The girl in white had exceptionally delicate features, her skin was as white as snow, and she wore a mask, a beauty-enhancing artifact, which made Chen Mobai couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her when he spoke.

After their conversation, the girl in white turned and walked towards the counter at the entrance. Her figure was graceful, but the faint scent of medicine that wafted from her made Chen Mobai frown and cover his nose with his fingers.

He had suffered from a serious illness when he was a child and had taken medicine for several years, so he didn’t like the smell of medicine.

“How many do you need?”

The girl in white came over with a box of opened spirit power test strips. At this moment, she noticed Chen Mobai’s action of blocking his nose with his right index finger, and her bright black eyes paused for a moment.

“Five will be enough, thank you.”

Chen Mobai extended his other hand and picked out five strips from the box the girl was holding, then quickly walked to the entrance to scan and pay.

“I’m sorry, I was refining ‘Rejuvenating Spirit Water’ in the back. My extraction skills are not up to par, so I smell strongly of medicine.”

The girl’s words came from behind. Chen Mobai turned around and saw her standing in place, not following him, with an apologetic look in her eyes.

“Oh, are you an alchemist?”

According to the rules of the Immortal Gate, only those who have passed the alchemist profession examination are allowed to refine medicine.

There are various methods of refining elixirs, but on the planet of Di Yuan, the most popular method is water-based alchemy.

Because fire-based alchemy would vaporize some of the spirit energy in the medicinal materials, which is somewhat wasteful. Water-based alchemy, on the other hand, emphasizes extraction, has high utilization rate, and the medicine is mild. Most of the medicinal liquids, whether taken orally or injected, not only take effect quickly but also have virtually no side effects.

“Rejuvenating Spirit Water” is a first-grade medicinal liquid that can be taken orally and can restore the spirit power of Qi Refining cultivators.

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